Sunday, June 2, 2013

*Updated 6/2* Upcoming Seattle Shows

Holy crap! When it rains it pours. This week (actually this month) there are a crap-ton of stellar shows to satisfy every taste! First off, did everyone hear about the fire at The Mystery Machine/ New Crompton last month? Hollow Earth Radio is having a benefit show tonight featuring Briana Marela, iji, and more to help the people that were displaced. Also, does everybody remember oOoOO? The once prominent witch-haus artist (turned post-witch-haus artist?) from NY's legendary Triangle Records will be at El Corozon on the 5th. The next night They Might Be Giants are coming to Showbox SODO in support of their new record, Nanobots; Broken Water, Haunted Horses, and Jetman Jet Team will be rocking the Comet; and Neighbors will be having their 10" release party for I Love Neighbors (sans records unfortunately) at Heartland. The next day don't forget to catch Weapons of Mass Destruction at Atlas Clothing during the Fremont Art Walk, and the Gaytheist record release for Hold Me...But Not So Tight (out now on Good To Die) at Black Lodge. Finally, next Saturday you have a few good options: fans of the now defunct and derogatory term chillwave should see one of its better practitioners, Small Black, at Barboza, but everyone else should go see Gems, Snowdrift, and Soft Hills at The Josephine. Gems just released the excellent Tall Mountain, and I would do many dirty things to get a copy of the next Snowdrift record (which is supposedly under constuction). Have a great week!

June 2013
2 iji, Briana Marela, Eleanor Murray and more at Hollow Earth Radio
5 oOoOO, Groundislava at El Corozon
5 Chastity Belt, Needlecraft, Telenovella, Bandolier at Heartland
6 Hausu, The Numbs and FF at Black Lodge
6 They Might Be Giants at Showbox at SODO
6 Broken Water, Haunted Horses and Jetman Jet Team at the Comet
6 Neighbors, Blooper, Zebra Hunt, Plant Parenthood at Heartland
7 Weapons of Mass Destruction (Fremont Art Walk) at Atlas Clothing
7 Gaytheist record release with Monogamy Party, Android Hero, and Glose at Black Lodge
7 Malaikat dan Singa, MTNS, Geist and the Sacred Ensemble, DJ Urine at Heartland
7 Mikal Cronin, Shannon and the Clams, and Dude York at Tractor
7 Werebearcat!, Crystal Beth, Moose Portrait and The Tasty Crackers at Josephine
7 Blank Realm, Monopoly Child Star Searchers and Dream Salon at Cairo Seattle
8 Gems, Soft Hills and Snowdrift at Josephine
8 Small Black with Heavenly Beat at Barboza
8 Jason Anderson, Mega Bog, iji, Lexi Lee at Heartland
9 Ceremony(CA) at the Black Lodge
12 Condominium, White Wards, Dreamdecay and Vex at Black Lodge
12 Eleanor Friedberger, the Bats and Teen at Neumos
12 Generationals and Young Empires at Tractor
13 Hibou at the Urban Outfitters in the U. District
13 Parquet Courts with Naomi Punk at Neumos
14 Nekromantix at El Corozon
14 Mount Kimbie, Holy Other and Vinyl Williams at Neumos
14 Secret Colors (Record Release) with White Poppy, Queen Scott Johnson and The Numbs at Cairo Seattle
15 Weed, Cascadia, Uda Ox and So Pitted at Cairo Seattle
16 Golden Gardens, Space Waves, Jetman Jet Team at Chop Suey
16 Dreamsalon, Fuzzy Cloaks, Chest Cavity/ BBQ Party at Leather Lounge
16 Golden Gardens, Jetman Jet Team, and Space Waves at Chop Suey
17 Pony Time, Burnt Ones, Stickers, Detective Agency at Chop Suey
18 LA Font, Chastity Belt, Dude York and Punishment at Therapy Lounge
19 The Intelligence with La Luz and Pony Time at Neumos
21 The Dandy Warhols at Showbox at the Market
22 Camera Obscura at Showbox at the Market 
22 Bellamaine, Poor Moon and Pure Bathing Culture at Neumos
28 Golden Gardens, Jenn Kelly and Levator at Josephine

1 Hibou and Import|Export at Hard Rock Cafe
4 Airport, YOURYOUNGBODY, Leatherdaddy at Comet
7 Bob Log III at the Crocodile
11/12 Rancid at Showbox SoDo
12 Future Bible Heroes (Minus Stephin Merritt?) at Tractor
13 Sub Pop’s Silver Jubilee, Georgetown Neighborhood. Free!
14 Tuxedo Gleam, Jollapin Jasper, Love Cop, and More at Electric Tea Garden
14 Thunderbird Atlanta, Children of Kids, Wes Sp8, and Werebearcats at Hi-Dive
17 The Postal Service at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, OR
17 Portugal. The Man. Showbox at the Market
18 The Postal Service at Key Arena
19 Peter Murphy performing only Bauhaus material with Ours at Showbox at the Market
30 Feral Fauna, Children of Kids and Karmedic at Nectar Lounge
26-28 Capitol Hill Block Party

2 Foxygen at Neumos
5 Kurt Vile and the Violators at Showbox at the Market
12 Yeah Yeah Yeahs at King County’s Marymoor Park
16 Smith Westerns at Crocodile
16/17 Melvins at Neumos

4 Austra with Diana at Neumos
5 Godspeed You Black Emperor at Showbox SoDo
5 The Psychedelic Furs at Showbox at the Market
7 Ty Segall with Mike Donovan (Sic Alps) at Black Lodge
28 Gold Panda with ODesza and Abbott at Neumos

20 James Blake at Showbox at the Market

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