Sunday, June 16, 2013

Noise for the Needy 2013

Noise for the Needy (NFTN) got started back in 1991 down in southern California by Seattle native and then-student Dave Green as a way to raise awareness for local homelessness, raise funds for a local soup kitchen, bring people together, and give local bands some exposure. It was hugely successful and has been running strong ever since. In 2004, Dave's brother Richard started NFTN up in Seattle, with a show at Nectar. In the years since, the non-profit has raised over $125,000 for local charities and worked with a lot of up and coming bands, including national acts like Matt and Kim and Talib Kweli, and local favorites like The Maldives and Kithkin. NFTN is a well-respected outfit with a knack for exposing up and coming bands, while doing a lot of good for our community. This year's chosen charity is the Ballard Food Bank.

This year's festival will also take wholly within in Ballard, which is neat. In doing so, NFTN will bring a wonderful nonprofit to the attention of the young demographic in their neighborhood. It also means that parking's going to be tough with I'm sure packed houses for shows at each night's three locations! Most of the shows are at 9pm and are all ages, unless otherwise noted. Presale tickets are available online at the NFTN website, or at the doors. Here's the lineup, with artists we like in bold:

Tractor Tavern
Said the Whale, Brite Lines, Ghost Town Riot

Sunset Tavern
Peeping Tomboys, Cabana, Prism Tats, Yeah Girl

Conor Byrne
Lures, Santee, Manplus, Goodbye Heart

FRIDAY, June 21
Tractor Tavern
Polyrhythmics, Orgone

Sunset Tavern
Battleme, River Giant, Smokey Brights, The Brambles

Conor Byrne
Seattle Living Room Shows and NFTN Presents: The Local Strangers, Big Sure, Alice in the River, James Apollo

Hatties Hat Parking Lot Party (2pm)
"The Rollings Stones" (tribute band), The Maldives, The Blakes, Sassparilla, The Chasers, Ole Tinder

Tractor Tavern
Horse Feathers, Case Studies, Pretty Broken Things

Sunset Tavern
Princess, Gladiators Eat Fire, Tacos!, Skies Below

Conor Byrne
Julia Massey and The Five Finger Discount, The Great UM, The Jesus Rehab, Tangerine

SUNDAY, June 23
Hatties Hat Parking Lot Party (2pm; all ages, bar with ID)
Kris Orlowski, Hot Bodies in Motion, Cody Beebe and The Crooks, Tango Alpha Tango, Vaudeville Etiquette

Tractor Tavern (8pm)
Deadnation and NFTN Presents: Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown, Special Guests

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