Tuesday, June 4, 2013

This Month In Photos: May 2013

The series of shows we attended in May were richly diverse, spanning many different venues across Seattle and many different styles as well. These included two festivals, Debacle Fest and Northwest Folklife Festival. Probably can't find two more different festivals, but we had a blast at both. We are looking forward to a great summer of music!

Debacle Fest, 5/4, first night of the festival, held at FRED Wildlife Refuge.
From left: Marielle Jakobsons, Brain Fruit, Expo 70

Parzival (left) and Impossible Bird (center) at Cafe Solstice, 5/4. Very nice to hear new music from both.

Black Hat, Debacle Fest MOTOR, held at The Lo Fi, 5/5.
The Holy Deep Sea Divers, Heartland, 5/11. Giving "communion" with holy water and marshmallows. We had a blast at this show...funny, plus the music was rad, too!

The Weatherside Whiskey Band, 5/11, Conor Byrne. Many great musicians up on one tiny, but mighty stage. I love upright bass!

Admiring the art surrounding us at Black Lodge for the Black Pus/MTNS/Numbs show (Tyler, left; Nikki, right); 5/15.

The Numbs (left) and Black Pus (right), Black Lodge, 5/15. Crazy awesome night.

Moose Portrait, Vermillion Art Bar, 5/16.

Kelli Francis Corrado, Columbia City Theater, 5/17.

Golden Gardens play their upcoming EP, Narcissus, in its entirety. Excellent! Columbia City Theater, 5/17.

Heels to the Hardwood (led by David John, former front man of the late, great Handful of Luvin') rock Hilliards Brewery, 5/18. Solid music. Keep your eye out for these guys around town this summer and at the Fremont Solstice main stage!

Was super fortunate to be invited to watch Impossible Bird record their forthcoming album! 5/24.

Neat art outside the studio.

Briana Marela, Vera Project Stage, Northwest Folklife Festival, 5/27. Super talented.

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