Thursday, June 13, 2013

SWL# 24: Jetman Jet Team, "Cosmic Age"

Despite my love for the 90’s shoegaze scene, I have to admit that its slow resurgence over the last few years has often been underwhelming. It seems many so-called nu-gaze bands are more interested in re-capturing genre-specific nuances than experimenting with new sounds, and the results end up feeling like copies of copies--less substantial than the originals and somewhat forced. Enter Seattle’s very own Jetman Jet Team. The group’s first official full-length, We Will Live the Space Age, was just released in April on Texas’ Saint Marie Records and it’s definitely one of the best records to come out of Seattle this year. Their highly intoxicating sound assimilates a number of different ‘gaze influences: the narcotic neo-psych of the Verve, heavy My Bloody Valentine style wall-of-sound noise and tremolo, soaring Ride-esque vocal intonations; but it also contains gorgeous nods to other influences like kraut and experimental drone. “Cosmic Age” is an intense song whose energy seems barely containable. It builds and builds, capitalizing on shimmering delay and heavy fuzz to reach a higher-than-the-sun style zenith before dropping back into a meditative acoustic outro. Your next chance to see JJT is at Chop Suey on the 16th alongside the venerable Golden Gardens and Space Waves. We Will Live the Space Age is available direct from Saint Marie or at Everyday Music in Capitol Hill. 

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