Thursday, June 13, 2013

SWL# 25: Widesky, "Jetsam (Part II)"


Most Seattleites probably have no idea was a name like Widesky really means. Standing in the Mojave or Sonora deserts amidst miles and miles of endless draughts of space and shades of brown the sky is no longer just a feature of the landscape--after 7 years in the east it was nearly enough to give me vertigo. Seth Chrisman is a multi-instrumentalist from New Mexico that records ambient drone-scapes under the moniker of Widesky and the name is not a misnomer. Over the course of a stellar back-catalog that stretches across multiple labels, the now Seattle-based transplant has demonstrated his knack for imparting his recordings with a sense of depth rarely found amongst his peers. On his latest recording, Flotsam, which was released at the beginning of this month on Bridgetown, Chrisman ruminates on the concepts of oceanic turbulence and debris as they pertain to the physical and emotional world. “Jetsam (Part II)”, which refers to the ship material intentionally jettisoned by a vessel in distress, features delicate synth work awash in growing waves of harsh, omnipotent static. However, what begins as chaos soon becomes immersive and almost comforting by the end of the track as all the sounds begin to merge. Stream the whole release here and get your physical copy before the remaining tapes (2 last I checked) are gone. 6/23 Update: due to demand, Bridgetown is doing a second run of Flotsam.

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