Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SWL# 28: Hausu, "Vasari Joust"


Hausu is a phenomenal new post-hardcore band from Portland, OR and I’m not kidding when I say I’ve been waiting for weeks to write about them--ever since I got my early copy of Total after their show at Black Lodge on the 6th. The record is staggering in scope—assimilating the melodic introspection of the late 80’s D.C. post-hardcore scene (e.g. Rites of Spring, Fugazi) with the biting urgency of west-coast emotive hardcore (see Gravity Records) and patches of highly proficient math and indie-rock style arrangements. However, now that the record has been officially released and posted to BC by the folks at Bridgetown Records, I can finally tell you about my favorite song: “Vasari Joust”. Like all of the songs that I pick for these posts, I think that this track is a perfect picture of the group at large—not an easy thing to find in a record whose title is a nod to the sum of different stylistic contributions of “four people in a band following four different paths to their singular vision”. Indeed, even “Vasari Joust” itself alternates between dissonant breakdowns filled with post-punk influenced bass work and a blistering hardcore chorus, but ultimately these somewhat disparate influences coalesce to create a highly textured sound that just oozes vitality. Highly recommended. You can get the Total cassette from Bridgetown and the LP/CD from Hardly Art.  They don't have any Seattle dates on their schedule at the moment, but if we all get really excited maybe we can change that. Update 6/30: "Vasari Joust" is no longer available on BC...I would guess at Hardly Arts request...sigh. Enjoy "Leaning Mess" instead. 

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