Tuesday, December 17, 2013

SWL #46: Walt the Fish, "Blood Loop"


It’s hard not to love local communal label CTPAK Records. From singer-songwriters like Eric Ryan, to electro-pop like Children of Kids, to their latest short film venture ‘Welcome to Heaven’, there doesn’t seem to be any ground over which the CTPAK core won’t travel to create something new and wonderful. That being said, I can’t say I wasn’t surprised to learn that their latest release was actually a lovely EP of ambient experimental music courtesy Tahoma’s Walt The Fish (aka. Logan Miller). The five-track record appeared out of nowhere several days ago on the CTPAK bandcamp, and having listened to it several times, I'm officially calling it a massive success. Miller plays with a little bit of everything here: drone, noise, sleepy guitar harmonics—all of it subtlety engineered with delicate precision. The closest comparison I can think of is Seth Chrisman's Widesky project, but whereas ‘Flotsam’ washes over and through you, ‘Dim Stockings’ largely prefers to percolate instead. My song of choice here was a toss-up between “Bone Chair” and “Blood Loop”, but I ended up going with the later. I love how the melody teeters back and forth amidst the drone. It almost sounds indecisive—like Miller is trouble-shooting some problem without a satisfying answer. Definitely need a physical release on this one. 

Purchase/stream the full EP here

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