Sunday, December 29, 2013

*Updated 12/29* Upcoming Seattle Shows

--> Well, I'm happy to report that we have more to offer this week than last. Of course, the biggest question is where you should spend your New Year's Eve, and we've got a few options. Personally, I think Nik and I will end up either at Therapy Lounge in Capitol Hill to see PYT Records co-founder Futurewife spin, or at the High Dive down the street from our apartment in Fremont to see electro-rock duo Ever So Android with The West and Dead Ship Sailing. However, SRTFKR is also playing that night with Teen Daze, so that could be a good option too.

Other good local stuff: the Big Ass Boombox festival looks amazing: 40 bands, two venues, 4 stages and zero dollars. Saturday at the Crocodile looks the best, but every show has something unique and awesome to offer. However, Saturday has two other great looking shows as well. The first is Florida's Surfer Blood, who are making their first of 3 appearances this month at The Sunset in support of their latest record, 'Pythons'. They'll be playing with The Wild Ones, and local favorites Cock & Swans for this show, but catch them with Hibou on the 10th. The other show is Audacity with White Night, The Motivators, and The Lindseys at the Black Lodge. I saw Audacity open for Ty Segall a couple of years ago and these Fullerton punks have a ton of energy. 

All this and more below. Have a great week!


30/31 SRTFKR at Neumos
30 Pesadilla Distropika, Abortion Reels, and Moldy Castle at Black Lodge
31 Pat Lok, Futurewife, and Lights and Music DJs at Therapy Lounge
31 Ever So Android, The West, and Dead Ship Sailing at High Dive
31 The Black Angels with La Luz at the Moore  
31 The Flavr Blue, Nightmare Fortress, Kingdom Crumbs and more at The Crocodile


3 BAB: Special Explosion, Nouela, XVIII Eyes, Feral Children and more at Crocodile and Rendezvous
3 The Spits, Sex Crime, Wimps, DJ Danger, Nun, and MF Cake at Chop Suey
3 Number Station, Gladiators Eat Fire, A Province of Thay, and Where My Bones Rest Easy at El Corazon
4 BAB: Livingston Seagull, Bigfoot Wallace and His Wicked Sons, Tangerine, Gang Cult, Charms, Julia Massey and FFD at more at Crocodile and Rendezvous
4 Surfer Blood, The Wild Ones, and Cock & Swans at Sunset Tavern
4 Audacity, White Night, Bad Motivators, and the Lindseys at Black Lodge
7 Tennis at Barboza
8 DIAL UP: Giraffage, DJ’s Hojo, D’Nelski, DJAO, and Dutty Wilderness at Q Nightclub
9 Reverend Horton Heat with Nekromantix and Old Man Markley at Showbox at the Market
9 Telekinesis at Neumos
9 The Bismark, Seminars, and Mitts at Columbia City Theater
10 EXPO ‘91: Newaxeyes, Youryoungbody, Black Hat, USF, and Nice&AO at Cairo Seattle
11 EXPO ‘91: Health Problems, Childbirth, Stickers, Hornet Let, Wimps, and Weed at Cairo Seattle
12 EXPO ‘91: Corey J. Brewer, Maryhane Dunphe, Dragging An Ox Through Water, Elisa Ball, and Lori Goldston with Dan Sasaki at Cairo Seattle
10 The Posies with Alcohol Funnycar, Rusty Willoughby, and Popsickle at Neumos
10 No Grave and Mo’ at Beats and Bohos
10 Surfer Blood, Hibou at Sunset Tavern
10 Half Kingdom and iji at Chop Suey
10 Local Krautrock Tribute Night: Terminal Fuzz Terror, Low Hums, Tredecimal, and members of Red Martian and Blue Light Curtain performing classic records at Lo-fi
10 Chastity Belt, TacocaT, Atomic Bride and more at Vera Project
10 Ocelot Omelet, Plains, Piano Piano, Lightning Kills Eagle at High Dive
10 Baniszewski-Leblanc and Geological Creep at Cafe Racer
11 Reel Big Fish, Suburban Legends, Mighty Mongo, and The Maxies at Showbox at the Market
11 Princess, Smooth Sailing, Grenades at Blue Moon
14 Childbirth (cassette release), Half Breed and more at Chop Suey
14 Plastic Boner Band, Jacob Sundstrom, Abe King, and Charlie Dickey at the High Dive
15 The Thermals at Neumos
15 Chain and The Gang, Shivas, Monogamy Party, and The Exquisites at Black Lodge
15 Dial Up: Tremel, Soffos, Fugal + Hojo, D’Nelski, and Dutty Wilderness at Q Nightclub
16 Wind Burial (record release), Golden Gardens, and Kylmyys at Sunset Tavern
16 StaG, Kairos, and Lazer Kitty at Columbia City Theater
17 Wooden Shjips and Kinski at the Crocodile
17 Surfer Blood Sunset Tavern
17 Speed of Sound in Seawater, and Postmadonna at Vera Project
17 Black Nite Crash, Trentalange, and Like Lightning at Columbia City Theater
20 Netherfriends, and iji at LoFi
21 Mercy Ties, Cold Blue Mountain, Noise-A-Tron, Audrey Horne at  Highline
22 Disappears, Dreamsalon, Gang Cult at Chop Suey
22 Dial Up: Single White Female, Ash Luk, Teen Girl Dies at Rave and Hojo, DJAO, and Tony Snark at Q Nightclub
22 Darkside at Neumos
23 DTCV, Tangerine, and Charms at Chop Suey
23 Ryan Hemsworth at Neumos
23 Stickers, Universe People, and more at LoFi
24 Patterson Hood at the Crocodile
24 Deadkill (record release), Dust Moth, Rookery, and Into Violence at Chop Suey
24 Yuck at Neumos
25 Posse, Koda Sequoia, Swamp Meat at Blue Moon
29 Dent May, Jack Name (White Fence), and Acapulco Lips at Chop Suey
29 Dial Up: Rap Class and Philip Grass, DJAO, D’Nelski, and Dutty Wilderness at Q Nightclub
31 White Denim at Neumos
31 Washed Out, Kingdom Crumbs, and Kisses at Neptune
31 The Spoils, The Cosmonauts, and more at Waid’s
31 MOTOR X: Airport, Apartment Fox, Patternmaster, and Raica at the Lo-Fi
31 Despise You, Iron Lung, Transient, Body Betrayal, and Endorphins Lost at Black Lodge

1 Chastity Belt, Wishbeard, and Mega Bog at Columbia City Theater
4 Pure Bathing Culture  and La Luz at Neumos
4 Reggie and the Full Effect, Dads, Pentimento, and Honorable Mention at Vera Project
4 Oneohtrix Point Never, The Sight Below, and Nordic Soul at The Crocodile
7 White Lies with Frankie Rose at Showbox at the Market
8 Wind Burial, Levator, and Randy Hicks Band at Blue Moon
10 Quilt at Barboza
11 Delorean at Barboza
15 Marissa Nadler at Fremont Abbey
15 The Presidents of the United States of America at Showbox at the Market
16 Band of Horses at Moore
16 Piano Piano, Chapel Supremesus, and Lazer Kitty at Rendezvous
18 Pixies at Paramount
19 R. Stevie Moore, Chastity Belt, and The Memories at Chop Suey
20 Jetman Jet Team, Blackstone Rangers, Soft Shadows, and Golden Gardens at LoFi
20 Gaytheist, Drunk Dad, and The Great Goddamn at Chop Suey
21 The English Beat at Showbox at the Market
21 Sun Kil Moon at Neptune
22 DJ Spooky at Barboza
24 Xiu Xiu at Barboza
24 Not From Brooklyn, Moose Portrait, and Tiburona at Barboza
25 Com Truise at Chop Suey
28 Master Musicians of Bukkake and Lilac and Champagne at LoFi

1 The Red Elvises at Tractor Tavern
1 Kinski, Bottomless Pit, and Posse at Sunset Tavern
1 Skinny Puppy with Baal at Showbox at the Market
5 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. with Chad Valley at Neumos
6 J.C. Satan, King Dude, and Grave Babies at Chop Suey
15 Lesbian, Sandrider, and Lords of the North at Columbia City Theater

5 Dum Dum Girls with Blouse at Neumos
17 Godflesh with Special Guests at Neptune (Rescheduled from Oct)

2 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at Paramount


  1. Would you be so kind to post up this audibly visual display? Thanks NGD! You're the best! 1/17 Coward / Kaleidosaur / Pitbull @ The Chapel Performance Space (4th Floor of The Good Shepard Center)

  2. Sure thing. Thanks for thinking of us!