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This Month In Releases: November 2013

Welcome to our favorite local releases post for the month of November!! In this post we loving offer up the 10 EPs/LPs and 3 compilations that constituted our favorite local listens to emerge in the last month. As always, the rules are as follows: all records were released during the month of November by either a local artist or a local record company. They appear in no particular order and singles and 7" were not included (unless they were EP length). If I didn't include your release I either didn't like it, didn't hear it, or one or both of us has the wrong release date. Click the link in the album title for more from each artist. Enjoy!


Paul Nelson, ‘Vortex’ (Medical Records)
electronic, new wave, cosmic disco 
This one and only release from Portland's Paul Nelson originally appeared as a limited press in 1981, but has long since been out of print. Medical Records breathes new life into this lost synth classic. 

=TOTEM=, ‘Nocturnal EP’ (self-released)
electronic, experimental, ambient house 
I don't know where this came from, but I have it on good authority that this is not the last we'll be hearing from =TOTEM=. This ambient house artist is an unending well of interesting loops and carefully crafted themes. 

Sandrider, ‘Godhead’ (Good To Die)
hard rock, stoner rock 
FUCK. Never passive and never PC; 'Godhead' is every bit the sonic assault that you needed.

Geist and the Sacred Ensemble, ‘Beyond This Vessel’ (Moon Glyph)
psychedelic folk, freak-folk 
GATSE follows up their 2011 debut 'In Search of Fabled Land' with a great new record on Oakland's Moon Glyph Records. Experimental psychedelic music with burning hot vibes that redefine the word primal.

Stephen Steinbrink, ‘Arranged Waves’ (Holy Page Records)
indie, experimental pop 
Been waiting for more from Stephen since "Tangerine" first appeared on Antiquated Future's 'Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. 4' last month. The record bears some similarity to Lake (no surprise since 3 of the 4 members were involved in the production), but I also hear a little bit of Elliot Smith as well. 

Parasol, ‘Not There’ (Lost Sound Tapes)
indie pop, pop-punk
This 3-piece anarcho pop-punk band from MA is all lovable, nasally vocals, and killer hooks. It was so good that we felt we had to break our rule of only featuring one release per label on this series of posts. 

No Statik, ‘Unity and Fragmentation’ (Iron Lung)
hardcore, punk, powerviolence
The bay area foursome return to Iron Lung with a killer full length of harsh powerviolence that takes absolutely no prisoners. Push play and watch the world burn.

Parzival, ‘Pisces Rising’ (self-released)
Check out our interview with this fabulous local singer-songwriter here!

Chants, ‘I Feel Like I Feel It’ (Hush Hush Records)
electronic, nocturnal vibes 
More great night bus vibes from Hush Hush, this time via Madison, WI's Jordan Cohen. Tune in and tune out.

Dogbreth, ‘Sentimental Health’ (Lost Sound Tapes)
indie pop, alt rock, confessional pop 
I fell in love with Dogbreth's 2011 debut 'Chookie' the instant I heard it. It's been a long wait, but 'Sentimental Health' is exactly what I've been waiting for from Tristan and crew. 


Various artists, ‘Do You Believe In Magick Mix’ (by Cairo Seattle)
various sounds 
Good local stuff culled from artists that recently have, or will play the space in the near future.

Various artists, ‘Soft Spectrum II’ (arranged by Kyoga)
ambient, chill, electronic 
Sweet compilation of electronic material put together by Olympia's Kyoga to benefit the Bronies For Good Foundation. Downloads are limited, so if you don't wanna donate then grab the release from the link in the notes. 

Various Artists, ‘I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age Music in America 1950-1990' (Light in the Attic)
new age 
Check out our album review here!

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