Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SWL #47: Hannah Epperson, "Murder Of Crows"

Hannah Epperson is not your typical singer/songwriter.  We were first introduced to Epperson when she opened for Juliana Barwick at the Fremont Abbey last month, and the Vancouver, B.C. local (originally from Salt Lake City, Utah) blew us away with her thoroughly immersive and lush sound.

"Murder Of Crows" is a standout song on Epperson's 2011 EP "Home Batch", which was self-recorded at home. The song opens with layer upon layer of violin, from soaring notes to urgent tremelo and pizzicato. These layers are the star of this song, but Epperson's clear, calm lyrics match nicely and give the song more context. The chorus starts "a murder of crows floods the city", which paired with the next line "they're violently voyaging home" may make the chorus sound a bit menacing, but her voice sings it so sweetly, it creates almost a bittersweet feeling.

No official word on a full length debut, but she performed quite a few songs when we saw her with Barwick at the Abbey, which makes me hopeful that one is on the way. Keep an eye on her website for more dates in our neck of the woods, or take a drive to Canada--her live show is stellar!

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