Friday, November 1, 2013

This Month In Releases: October 2013


Welcome to our favorite local releases post for the month of October!! There are 12 EPs/LPs and two compilations featured here, but believe me when I tell you that it took quite a bit of work to whittle down the list of potentials even to this point. As always, the rules are as follows: all records were released during the month of October by either a local artist or a local record company. They appear in no particular order and singles and 7" were not included (unless they were EP length). If I didn't include your release I either didn't like it, didn't hear it, or one or both of us has the wrong release date. Click the link in the album title for more from each artist. Enjoy!


Slow Year, 'Slow Year' (Hush Hush Records)
2-step, electronic, nocturnal, beats
Detective Agency, 'Detectius Privats' (self-released)
rock, garage pop

Lovers without Borders, 'Detective' (K Records) 
crash pop, love rock, indie pop

Levantine, 'No One EP' (PYT Records) 
electronic, Nu-disco, dance

Soft Shadows, 'Reverb is for Lovers' (Neon Sigh)
nugaze, dreampop, indie rock, noise pop

Biosexual, 'The Window Wants The Bedroom' (Debacle Records) 
experimental pop, synth noise, free improvisation
check out our review here!

New Weather, 'New Weather' (Butterscotch Records)
ambient, drone, electronic

Leatherdaddy, 'The Plague House' (self-released) 
prog/math rock, psychedelic, alt rock,
Check out our review here!

Ubu Roi, 'Nice Dude EP' (Help Yourself Records) 
punk rock 

La Luz, 'It’s Alive' (Hardly Art) 
surf rock, pop

Blue Sky Black Death, 'Glaciers' (Fake Four Inc.)
electronic, indie pop, hip-hop

Battleground Grammer, 'BGG' (self-released) 
EDM, hip hop, instrumental

Mixes and Compilations:

Various Artists,  'Super Adaptoid Space Tape', (Lo-Flydelity Records) 
 beats, glitch hop, loops, instrumental

Various Artists, 'Well, I Don't See Why Not, Vol. 4' (Antiquated Future) 
 indie folk, electronic ambient, lo-fi--various.

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