Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Artist Review: Golden Gardens, 'Bellflower'. Our Exclusive Premiere Of The New Record!

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that Golden Gardens' Narcissus EP got people’s attention. The last few months since its release have seen the duo of Gregg Alexander Joseph Neville and Aubrey Rachel Violet Bramble headline a Brickbat Mansion boat tour down the Willamette in Portland, perform repeatedly with Suzanne Perry of revered 90’s ethereal pop act Love Spirals Downwards, and execute their intensely personal live show in every corner of the city from Neumos and The Crocodile to Columbia City Theater and The Josephine.

However, in the midst of this hive of activity they’ve also managed to record the companion EP to Narcissus, titled Bellflower, and we are thrilled to be able to offer you an exclusive premiere below!  It’s not scheduled to release digitally until 12/10, but the limited edition physical CDs are available today (10/29) as a run of 50 handmade, hand-designed discs. Each pure white disc will be uniquely stamped and numbered, and will include unreleased tracks from the How Brave The Hunted Wolves sessions. Word to the wise: the Narcissus discs were offered in a similar way and it sold out in a flash, so if you want one of these you need to move quick. Once the EPs are gone you won't be able to purchase the EP again until December.

The differences between Bellflower and Narcissus are really dramatic. While Narcissus standouts like “My Viridescent Heart” and “Blue Eyes of a Broken Doll” seek to immerse the listener in a sort of delicate, sun-kissed daydream, new tracks like “I’ll Burn Alone” and “Carmilla” are serious and even somewhat aggressive. This is all intentional of course. The two EPs are meant to guide the listener through the cycle of infatuation from its apex of quixotic adoration, to the inevitable disappointment that emerges when outward realities fail to match inner expectations. On this second half of the journey, Golden Gardens showcase incredible dexterity by dipping considerably back into the coldwave/post-punk aesthetic that made How Brave the Hunted Wolves so engaging. Not only does Bellflower retain every ounce of the character that the duo have become known for, but "I'll Burn Alone" might be my new favorite Golden Gardens song. But hey, decide for yourself. 

Get your copy of Bellflower here while they last. There are now only 49 available.


  1. Ah shit! Carmilla's my jam! Can't wait to get my EP in the mail, witches..

  2. Me too! Don't know how many they have left, but there can't be many at this point.