Saturday, October 19, 2013

SWL #42: Seacats, "Wrecked"

Seacats is composed of brothers Josh and Mike Davis, plus an entourage of live bandmates, out of Kelso, Washington. We were super excited to feature "Firewood" on our SeattleDIYPop mix, but to say that Seacats caught our attention is an understatement; "The 7' Burger" caught everyone's attention, including the stellar folks at Fin Records. Here we are less than 8 months later and low and behold the pair have just released their eponymously titled follow-up to 2011's "Metal Music". "Wrecked" is the first song off the album, and it's a great introduction to their alt rock greatness. It's hard not to appreciate the juxtaposition of the heavy drum and bass work with their playful vocals, and the lyrics are relatable for anyone who's ever been sucked into a relationship they know is probably not good for them, but stay because the lovin's just too good. The whole album has a great sing-in-the-car quality, similar to old-school Weezer; the Seacats have even tagged this album on their bandcamp as "sounds just like Weezer". Well, not quite. They're no copycats. They're Seacats!

They're out on a mini tour now in support of the new album (available from Fin here), but I bet we will get to see them again in Seattle, soon.

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