Monday, September 23, 2013

Our First Mix!: Seattle DIY Pop

Record Store Day at Sonic Boom in Ballard (4/20/13). We REALLY like this place. They consign a ton of local releases at fair prices and even stock select titles in special sections. More here.

Well here we are at last! It's our first, free, downloadable NGD mix!!! There are lots of really awesome scenes in our city, but for our first venture we decided to focus on our ample DIY Pop community. There are 21 songs here (we got permission to use all of them) from 21 different bands running the gamut between indie pop/twee, alt pop, and garage; all of them book in Seattle and none of them are jerks, so buy their music and attend their shows/book them at your venue. Everything on this mix was released in 2013, so this is just about as fresh as it gets! Oh yeah, HUGE shout out to all the labels that have released the material on this comp!

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1    "Boobs On TV", by Mitts
       from: E-Motions LP (self-released)
Five really really nice guys from all over the country with a penchant for quirky alt pop music. See our interview piece with Jack Swart and check out their sister project, Koda Sequoia, for more goodness

2    "Seacliff", by Imaginary Pants
       from: Channels/Seacliff 7"(Rok Lok Records)
Jon and Rose are both great songwriters separately, but together they are unstoppable. Huge shout out to Mike at Rok Lok. P.S. see our previous SWL post about this very song!

3    "Half Right", by Zebra Hunt
       from: Beaches EP (self-released)
Bass, Drums, Guitar. Despite their simple set-up, this trio packs a lot of punch with their brand of incredibly tight, jangly pop music. They also have a new 7" out on Spanish label Tenorio Cotobade.

4    "Feeling This", by iji
       from: Soft Approach LP (Lost Sound Tapes / Seashoes)
Zach Burba's iji project has been a Seattle institution for more than 5 years. Always warm and intimate, iji's musings continue to be an open door for the DIY-curious in our city. Also check out the new iji compilation on Lost Sound Tapes featuring two records, a tour 7", and a handful of bonus tracks from other comps -- all of which have long since been out of print.

5    "Devil Golems", by Pitschouse
       from: Pitschouse EP (Snorin’ Desert)
WE LOVE PITSCHOUSE. This whole record is wonderful! Check our SWL post and interview with the band.

       from: City EP, (self-released)
I am seriously pro-Tender Hips. This Walla Walla-derived threesome is equal parts youthful anxiety and sweat-soaked, unbridled energy. Also, see our SWL post.

7    "Being Unkind", by Big Eyes
       from: Almost Famous LP, (Grave Mistake Records)
Big Eyes are a Seattle by way of Brooklyn twee/surf-flavored punk act that plays pretty regularly in Seattle. Almost Famous is not just their sophomore EP, it's a statement.

       from: Long Distance EP bonus track (Manic Pop! Records)
This is a gutsy cover to undertake so near the land of K records and the old Beat Happening stomping grounds, but Blooper really kills it. Check out the EP proper for more great original tunes.

9    "Firewood", by Seacats
       from: The 7" Burger (Fin Records)
This song cracks me up. "I'm so sorry I don't spend my time chopping firewood/I'm so sorry I don't take pride in the size of my truck" could be an anthem for the other half of Seattle men. The ones who don't characterize themselves in their online dating profiles as mountain men. Plus, it's catchy as hell. New album out on October 15th!

       from: Elephant Graveyard EP, (Half-Shell Records)
Crashing guitars and echo-y, psych-y vocals, this laid back song is easy on the ears. Check out our SWL post about "Ball of Dirt" from last year's Tomorrow EP.

       from: We Love It! LP preview
Love in Mind is a DIY super-group of sorts and this BC preview has got more than a couple of people pining for their impending full-length.

12  "Seeing You", by Craig Salt Peters
       from: Three Songs
Craig's been around the PNW scene for a while contributing to various notable projects, but this 3-song BC teaser has us super excited for the 14-song LP that is supposedly in the works.

13  "II", by Heavy Petting
       from: I-V (Stony Mountain Recordings)
The first EP from Heavy Petting has been a long time coming, and with songs like "II" it's clear it was worth the wait. One of our favorite releases for the month of August. 
       from: self-released single
Super-woosy, lo-fi, boogie-woogie music. No idea when we'll get a follow up to 2010's Jungle/Surf, but you can bet we'll have an ear out.

       from: Stuck in Beads EP, (self-released)
This is EVERYTHING that a cover should be. Lilly Morlock and David Plell transform the ELO classic into a jangly, foot stomping duet. An organic and endearing lo-fi gem.

16  "Dream Girl", by Mike Preuss
       from: TBA (Half-Shell Records)
Just recorded and yet to be released on Seattle's Half Shell Records, this bright, but dreamy jammer is like methadone for those of us that have trouble letting the summer go.

       from: Du Och Jag EP, (self-released)
This song is lovely and dreamy, with an overarching guitar rhythm that tempers the sweetness of the vocals and makes it incredibly catchy. Check out our SLW post for their "Just Like Heaven" cover.

18  "Closer", by Lures
       from: Dizzy EP, (Fin Records)
If this first offering from the band is any indication of what we can expect from their debut full length next year, then we can't wait! Deliberate, incredibly practiced and highly infectious alt rock with a surf pop bent.

       from: The Long Defeat, (Fin Records)
This alt rock band puts on a really killer live show, but the impassioned vocals and ace melodies on The Long Defeat hold up equally well on your home stereo. One of our favorite releases for 2013.5!

20  "Dreadful", by Tangerine
       from: Pale Summer, (Swoon Records)
What more can we say about Tangerine that we haven't said already? Their new EP was just released a few weeks ago and it's clear they are only getting better.

       from: Psycho-Pop, (CTPAK Records)
Despite having only a single and the Psycho-Pop EP to their name, Moose Portrait has already managed to generate a really distinct sound by blending mellow, psychedelic instrumentation, and artful, electronic sampling. Also one of our favorites for the month of July (though it appeared in the August post as well).

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