Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Favorite Local Releases: 2013.5

In case you haven't figured it out, we love local music; this is our attempt to breakdown the hundreds of releases that came out of our scene in the last 6 months into what we feel to be the 25 best. In contrast to our "Month In Releases" posts, which also include releases by local record companies, inclusion here is limited to local artists. Please feel free to add anything I may have missed in the comments section. Also, most (if not all) of these acts do what they do with very little to no compensation and they deserve whatever support you can give them.

In no particular order and broken down into offensively simple genre descriptions to assist the reader:

Wimps, Repeat (End of Times)
Tender Hips, City (self-released)
Big Eyes, Almost Famous (Grave Mistake)
Neighbors, I Love Neighbors (Lost Sound Tapes) 
FF, FF (self-released)
King Dude, Holy Trinity (self-released)  
Gems, Tall Mountain (Don't Be A Lout)
Postmadonna, Postmadonna (self-released)
Land of Pines, The Long Defeat (Fin)
Electronic Dance:
Airport, Sweat/Pleasure (MOTOR)

Experimental Ambient: 
Black Hat, Covalence (Field Hymns)
Stalebirth, Comepuppy (self-released) 
Panabrite, Xenon District (self-released)  

Jetman Jet Team, We Will Live The Space Age (Saint Marie)
Golden Gardens, Narcissus (Neon Sigh) 

The Narx, The Narx (self-released)
Grave Matters, Demo (self-released)
Health Problems, A gut of plastic (self-released) 

Indie Pop:
Pitschouse, Pitschouse (self-released)
Hibou, Dunes (self-released)
Wishbeard, I.H.Y.P. (self-released)

Dark Experimental/Noise:
MTNS, All songs are spells (Trench Art)
Grave Babies, Crusher (Hardly Art) 
Dreamdecay, NVNVNV (Iron Lung)
Haunted Horses, Watcher (self-released)

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