Wednesday, July 3, 2013

This Month in Photos: June 2013

We have had a beautiful June. The days are longer, which means the music gets started later. "It's too light to play yet" was a common refrain heard around town. Still, tons of great shows happened this past month! Here are some highlights from a few.

Parzival's Pisces Rising album Kickstarter kickoff.
June 1. House party.

Surfer Blood. June 1. In-store at Sonic Boom.

Warm Static at the Josephine. June 8.
Check out those awesome visuals (courtesy of Randall Skrášek)


Dreamdecay. June 12. Black Lodge.

White Wards. June 12. Black Lodge.

Tender Hips (Right), and Acapulco Lips (below). June 19th. Heartland.

Kickoff evening of the Fremont Fair. June 20.

 Imaginary Pants. June 21. Dog Dog.

 Sean Nelson Make Good Choices album release party. June 26. Neumos. Shenandoah Davis on keys!

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