Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This Month In Releases: July 2013

Hey everyone. These are our favorite local releases for the month of July. The rules, as always, are as follows: all records were released during the month of July by either a local artist or a local record company. They appear in no particular order and singles and 7" were not included. Sorry, no beautiful descriptions this time due to non-blog related responsibilities, but I've included some genre descriptors and sample tracks to help you peruse. Support your local scene and stay well!


Under EP Placeholder (Hush Hush Records)--electronic, night bus, atmospheric beats

Body 11 “Youth” (Medical Records)--new wave, minimal synth, ebm

Dreamsalon “Dreamsalon” (Skrot Up--reissue)--industrial, pop, kraut, experimental

Heatwarmer with the Extended Universe “Dessert Menu EP” (self-released)--post-world, nu jazz,

Eleanor Murray “Bury Me Into The Mtn” (self-released)--indie folk, experimental

Mitts, “E-Motions” (self-released)-
-indie rock/pop, punk, weirdo pop

Moose Portrait, “Psycho-Pop” (CTPAK Records)--experimental funk, indie pop

Lake "Circular Doorway" (K Records)--lo-fi pop, indie pop/rock

Hunx and his Punx (Hardly Art)--punk/hardcore

Princess “Selling Sulphur” (self-released)--grunge, post-hardcore, punk

Midday Veil "The Current" (Translinguistic Other)--prog rock, psychedelic, experimental, electro

Dragons, “Musical Witchcraft” (Wizards of the Ghost)--alternative rock, lo-fi pop


OK Wife OK Vol ii. (Lost Sound Tapes)--experimental pop/indie

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