Thursday, July 25, 2013

SWL #33: Eleanor Murray, "Rebel/Summer"

Eleanor Murray has a gift for making music that can quiet even the most restless soul. Her approach to folk music is earnest but approachable; wild but thoughtful; simple, but never imposing. While the last decade has seen a boon in the number of acts playing “dress-up in threadbare clothes", Murray’s work on her latest record, Bury Me Into The Mtn, is a stark reminder that stripped-down need not be interpreted as a euphemism for boring. However, if you’re looking for proof then you don’t need to travel further than “Rebel/Summer”. On the track, what begins as a delicate lullaby soon develops into a wistful ode for summery shenanigans under the spell of Murray’s gorgeous smokey narrative. Ultimately, like most of the record, it's a relatively quiet and simple song that just begs to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Bury Me Into the Mtn is out nowon CD through her BC and the LP is scheduled to be available on September 25th. The record is officially being released on the 31st at Little House on the Perry in Olympia. 

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