Friday, September 27, 2013

SWL #40: Knifecream, "Leper Lord (Death in June)"

This release is fucking brutal, and the fact that the internet doesn’t seem to know anything about the origins of Knifecream, or their/his/her debut record “Bind, Torture, Kill”, somehow only makes it that much better. It leaves you free to lend credibility to images of its creation at the hands of some grisly, Clive Barker-esque murderer (a theory supported by the bloodspatter guaranteed on each of the physical cassettes), or deep underground at the ends of the earth like in a Lovecraft novella. The only thing I can say is that it was delivered to venerable Seattle label Hanged Man at some point and unleashed upon the world in mid August. So what does it sound like? The BC tags include: black metal, experimental doom, psych, and my personal favorite: harsh noise. They aren’t lying. This is ambient black noise at its fiercest and it isn’t for the weak of heart; sometimes pensive and stormy, and sometimes dissonant and chaotic, but always becoming something new without regard for your sanity. Check out the third track, "Leper Lord (Death in June)", for a small taste of what to expect, and when you're ready, head over here to hear more/buy the tape. Also, whatever you do, don’t let the plug fall out of your computer while you're listening to this in public. Goddamn I love fall. 

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