Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SWL #37: Weed, "Silent Partner"

Local micro-label Couple Skate Records deals in the fantastic; from the brain-melting art-grunge/punk of Naomi Punk and now defunct M Women, to the cartoony fiendishness of Numbs, their releases are joined by their ability to transport the listener to unique and sometimes strange worlds. Vancouver B.C.’s Weed are the newest act to release on the label and it’s clear that they are no exception to this rule. Deserve is a devastating record that’s filled with lush reverb, staggering crunch, and crushing percussion—it’s deafening, but paradoxically almost tranquil as well. In fact, I think this album could probably transform any room into a cave, which makes it perfect for the impending fall months. Case in point for this post is the second track, "Silent Partner", which at 4 minutes and 14 seconds is actually the longest song on Deserve. There’s a pervasive sense of longing and melancholy in the melody that works especially well with Will Anderson’s despondent à la Jim Reid (JAMC) singing style. Got my copy at Sonic Boom in Ballard, but Deserve is also available at Everyday Music, from Couple Skate itself, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a few kicking around Cairo Seattle as well. Your next chance to see the band is on November 8th at Heartland.

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