Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SWL #43: Lures, "Vacant"

The last track of the 1992 reissue of “Living in Darkness”, the essential debut from surf-punk gurus Agent Orange, has always stuck with me. It features a 1981 interview where the band describes their sound, saying, “We’re not from the beach; we have to take the bus to get to the beach.” The point of course is that is doesn’t matter anymore; in the post-Pulp Fiction world surf rock is more than just a novelty, and certainly capable of being evocative…with or without the woodie.

In Seattle, we’ve fallen head over heels for the lovable, woozy antics of La Luz, but here at NGD we’ve been increasing impressed by Seattle’s Lures as well. The threesome of Sam Peterson, Spencer Miller, and Dillon Christopher (formerly Ambulance) made a splash back in June with their Dizzy 7” on Fin records, (and we were excited to include B-side “Closer” on our SeattleDIYPop Mix), but since then they’ve been hard at work on their debut full-length scheduled for release in January.

“Vacant” is the lead single off the record and it provides a promising glimpse of what’s to come. The song has a traditional pop structure, alternating between verses and chorus, but that what I really love here is the transitions. Whereas the verses are somewhat morose, filled with a driving, slippery wet surf ambiance and Peterson’s trademark half croon/half drawl baritone, the chorus finds the band flying high on an indie/dream rock sound that’s more akin to Wild Nothing than Dick Dale. It’s dangerous but relatable, and ultimately, just one more reason to keep an eye on the young band.   

Download "Vacant" for free from their bandcamp and check 'em out when they open for fellow NGD favorite Tangerine at Barboza on the 27th 29th (next Tuesday).

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