Sunday, October 27, 2013

Artist Review: Biosexual, 'The Window Wants The Bedroom'. Also, A New Track!

Well, it’s finally here, a brand new record from Biosexual (aka Zac Nelson, Michael R. J. Saalman, and Jocelyn Noir)!!! 

Though only a year, the wait for The Window Wants the Bedroom has felt like an eternity for fans of Biosexual's eponymously titled debut. It really was amazing. Back in May we reveled in the hauntingly austere, yet sleek aura of “Silent Cuts” for our Songs We Love series, but each of the four tracks of surreal electropop felt like a distinct puzzle piece, and together they seemed like the perfect amalgam of each member’s strong suits.  
Biosexual at Debacle Fest (5/4/13). Photo credit: DJ Slow. Check out his blog!

A lot has changed in the intervening time. Nelson is as prolific as ever; having released more than 8 solo albums since 2008, he has released 3 more since the Biosexual EP, including the excellent Charbroile for Debacle, and Exis II on Further Records. Not to be outdone, Saalman just released his solo debut, Ripe Hymns, on Crash Symbols earlier this month, and ALAK’s Guardian Petted just rolled off the line at Kaleidoscope Records (and immediately sold out of physical copies). However, 
from the liner notes of these releases it's clear that Biosexual has become less of an isolated project, and more like a creative taproot. Whether it's Nelson's extra synth on Saalman's "Cancerous", or Noir's backing vocals on Charbroile, each solo effort baring the mark of their collaboration has only made the prospect of a new Biosexual record more exciting.

Now based entirely in Sacramento, the trio’s official return this Tuesday is everything I wanted it to be. Consisting of 6 brand new tracks and the 4 EP tracks previously only available on limited edition cassette, The Window Wants the Bedroom is a deviously fresh, and clever work of experimental pop goodness.  Whether utilizing syncopated beats, frenetic loops, or slow-burning haze, the record not only retains the EP’s diverse range of themes, but actually manages to expound upon them as well. This is no small part due to the contributions of Saalman and Noir, which are much more apparent in new tracks like “Fun Boy”, in which Noir takes lead vocal work, or the title track, where Saalman’s penchant for beat-work helps kick the record off on the right foot.

Check out a brand new track, “The Flesh Sings”, below. At 5:36 it’s the longest song on the record, but its gorgeous, ethereal feel make it a stunning closer for a band best known for crafting spastic pop gems

Also, don't forget to snag your copy of The Window Wants the Bedroom from Seattle’s very own Debacle Records when it releases on Tuesday (here)