Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SWL #19: Biosexual, "Silent Cuts"

Portland’s Zac Nelson is a machine. The southern Illinois native has released so much material, in so many incarnations (Hexlove, Prints, Whose Your Favorite Son, God?, Chll Pll), and at such a breakneck pace that he seems virtually omnipresent in the PNW music scene. For his newest project, Biosexual, Nelson teams up with Sacramento-based spastic synth-scaper, Michael R.J. Saalman (of Afternoon Brother and this amazing work) and sister Jocelyn Noir (aka ALAK) to produce warm yet surreal electropop that their soundcloud refers to as “yogacore”. More than 6 months after the release their first single, “Sleigher”, the trio delivered late last year with a stellar eponymous EP. It leads with the super chill track “Silent Cuts”, which finds them trading the sweetness of “Sleigher” for haunting synth work punctuated by decidedly aggressive blasts of distortion. It’s dangerous, yet sleek and composed; I Love it. You can stream the full release on Bandcamp, but also keep a look-out for their next release on Debacle Records in the near future.

9/27/13 Update: After more than a year of waiting the debut full-length by Biosexual is now available on Debacle Records!!!! Preorder "The Window Wants the Bedroom" here before it officially releases on October 29th.

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