Wednesday, May 8, 2013

SWL #20: Shenandoah Davis, "Proof"

Shenandoah Davis plays the piano as if it were an extension of herself. Which is to say, she plays expertly. Not only technically impeccable, her songs convey a level of emotion and texture that will hold you captive until you reach the end of the cd...and then... make you start it again from the beginning.

"Proof" is the fifth track on her second album, The Company We Keep (released in 2011). It's a delightful and catchy song that features a staccato, rag-time piano melody layered with just enough violin to add depth and richness without weighing the song down. In addition, the music, whose head-long speed conjures frantic images of characters in an old-timey silent film, provides an interesting contrast with the strong lyrical sense of caution. Davis's lilting vocals are flawless and candid as she confesses, in a matter-of-fact manner, "Don't want to tell you nothin'/ till I am telling the truth/ till I have written the whole thing out/ till I have the news." Haven't we all been there before?

Looking forward to hearing more from Ms. Davis in the coming months as she continues to book shows and work on her next album. We can't wait!

Shenandoah Davis - Proof from Shenandoah Davis on Vimeo.

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