Friday, May 24, 2013

SWL #22: Thunder Grey Pilgrim Folk Assembly, “Der Auftrad und Verlust”

Watching Thunder Grey Pilgrim’s Mitchel Bell perform is a cathartic and eerie experience; bent over his guitar with his trademark weathered felt hat and long beard, he hammers away endlessly summoning measure after measure of his powerful dirge like a man possessed. You’d be forgiven for wondering whether the fruits of such a performance can hold their weight given the cold light of day, which can reduce the most beautiful droning doom aesthetic to near cartoon status, but Bell’s catalogue is surprising captivating all on its own as well (also see his 2009 release for Debacle, Demogorgon). His latest release, “Der Auftrad und Verlust”, finds him expanding the Thunder Grey Pilgrim moniker into a "folk assembly" that includes two other musicians: Meagan Angus on violin and Jeff King on cello.  The track, which is nearly 24 minutes in length, is a live recording from the Debacle Fest Preview Night that happened on the 24 of last month (April) at Hollow Earth Radio. I've listened to it more than a half dozen times in the past week and I have yet to come up with an explanation as to why it's so comforting, but I assure it's worth your time to listen for yourself. 

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