Monday, November 4, 2013

This Month in Photos: October 2013

October was a great month for music, starting with the new Macefield Music Festival in Ballard. Macefield was held at the Tractor, Sunset, and Conor Byrne, and featured bands like Children of Kids, Lures, Princess, and many more! Then there was a great series of in-store performances at Everyday Music. We visited a couple Capitol Hill venues we haven't been to before: Cock Pit and Velocity Dance Center. To top it all off, we saw the dynamic band Haim. DAMN, those girls rocked Neumos. Looking forward to what November has in store for us!

Children of Kids
Hounds of the Wild Hunt brought the noise.
Special Explosion.
The Fame Riot were very fun.
Lori Goldston
Vox Mod
Sonic Boom hosted some free shows earlier in the day and had their own little Macefield house.

Princess, killing it.
Learning Team came down from Bellingham to perform before they got back to studying.
Young Fresh Fellows
Afro Cop

Constant Lovers

Lures was the last band we saw for the night. We heart Lures!

Tjutjuna at Chop Suey. 10/9.

Lazer Kitty played an in-store at Everyday Music on 10/12.
Earring played the next day for another Everyday Music in-store. 10/13.
Perched over Killer Ghost at The Cock Pit. 10/21.
Mural at the Cock Pit.
Tyler Carson and Sean Morse. Velocity Dance Center. 10/22.
Haim at Neumos. 10/23. Talk about a killer set! These sisters seriously rocked.

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