Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SLW #44: =TOTEM=, "Transitional Thought"

Screw all those kids waxing poetic in the Youtube comments about being born in the wrong generation; I love being a music fan in 2013. Sure, there are other eras that would have been amazing to witness (1976-1984 comes to mind), but the barrier between musician and listener has never been thinner for those who prefer to let the music speak for itself. I bring this up because my usual bandcamp search for new “Seattle” releases has netted yet another phenomenal artist, a new (apparently) experimental electronic project called =TOTEM=. There is no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profile…nothing online about the project except two killer EPs on bandcamp: 'Liquid Parallels' and 'Nocturnal', both packed to the brim with house and hip-hop-inspired micro-songs that rarely pass the two minute mark. Though brevity is not usually a recipe for success outside of punk music, =TOTEM= is particular adept at making each second count by expertly interspersing anthemic synth with loops of meandering experimental tone. “Transitional Thought” is a good place to start, but I could also listen to “I Loved Her (Once)” on repeat. Both EPs are "Name Your Price" on BC.

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