Sunday, November 10, 2013

*Updated 11/9* Upcoming Seattle Shows

Hey everyone! First, a couple of updates: 1. the Crystal Antlers’ show on Monday at LoFi is officially back on. B. unfortunately, the Daniel Bachman, Chris Forsyth show on the 29th has been cancelled.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, great heavy-hitter shows this week include Toro Y Moi with Classix (one of our 2013.5 favorites) at Barboza on Tuesday, Fruit Bats at Neptune on Thursday, and KMFDM at Showbox at the Market on Saturday. You could hit up the Jessie Ware show on Wednesday night as well, but I'd rather catch her free pre-show at Sonic Boom in Ballard instead. Word to the wise though: IT WILL be packed, so show up early to get a good spot.

Lots of good local stuff as well. The Highline is feat two performances by prolific noise artists: Vaz (featuring members of Minneapolis noise band Hammerhead) with Glose on Wednesday; and Gabriel Soloman (formerly of experimental Portland noise duo Yellow Swans), Mammiffer, Dull Knife, and La Lungs the following night. Another great looking option is Black Black, the new Goth night at  Neighbours on Monday, which will host Grave Babies and Dutty Wilderness. Finally, the New Weather record release show is going down on Friday night at the LoFi!! They're being joined by a bunch of killer friends including Black Nite Crash, Brain Fruit, and the always enjoyable Lou-Lou Hernandez. All this and more below. Have a great week!


10 Scorpio Party Feat DJ sets by Justin Timbreline, TRANQ, and Menami at Vermillion
10 Seb and The Rhaadicks, Bad Tats, Loud Eyes, and Dead Bars at Victory Lounge
11 White Lung, and Antwon at Barboza
11 Crystal Antlers, Kingdom of the Holy Sun, and This Blinding Light at LoFi Performance Gallery--yes, this show is still happening!
11 Black Black feat. Grave Babies (Live + DJ Set), DJ Hojo, and Dutty Wilderness at Neighbours
12 Toro Y Moi and Classix at Showbox at the Market
12 Crocodiles with Wymond Miles at Barboza
12 Bad Motivators with Killer Ghost at Waid’s
13 Crypts, Pop 1280, Haunted Horses, and Clayface at Chop Suey
13 Vaz (ex-Hammerhead), Glose, The Great Goddamn, and Burien at Highline
14 Sepultura, Unearth, KATAKLYSM, Dark Sermon, and Lesbian at Neptune
14 Fruit Bats at Neptune
14 Nightlands, USF, and Special Guests at Sunset 
14 CoCA Artist Appreciation Party with Nightspace and Airport at Shilshole Bay Beach Club
14 Gabriel Soloman, Mamiffer, Dull Knife, and La Lungs at Highline
15 Jessie Ware at Sonic Boom--Free
15 Jessie Ware at the Neptune
15 Screaming Females, Upset, Darto, and Big Crux at Black Lodge
15 New Weather record release party! Also: Black Nite Crash, Brain Fruit, Lou-Lou Hernandez, and more at LoFi Gallery
15 Moose Portrait, Spider Ferns, J. Martin, Pete Jordan of Could Person at The White Rabbit
16 KMFDM with Chant at Showbox at the Market
16 U.S. Girls, Ether Island, and Grave Babies at Cairo Seattle 
16 Experimental Dental School, Jetman Jet Team, and Silty Loam at Josephine
17 Cults at Neumos
17 Stalebirth, Cove, 27 Doors and Pablo at Vermillion--free
17 Darkpine, Hibou, Us on Roofs, and Uh Oh Eskimo at Chop Suey
18 Audacity, Hunters, Big Eyes, and So Pitted at Black Lodge
19 The Redhawk Rock: A Benefit for KSUB featuring Lures, Bigfoot Wallace and His Wicked Sons, Albatross, and White Garden at Chop Suey
20 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yelton, Army Navy, and Hibou at The Tractor Tavern
20 James Blake at Showbox at the Market
20 Vienna Teng at Neptune
20 Bill Callahan with Mick Turner at Neumos
20 Nobunny at Barboza
20 Monoga-MTNS (Monogamy Party/MTNS collaborative set), Joint Chiefs of Math, and Nah at Black Lodge
21 The Meat Puppets with The World Takes at The Crocodile
21 Drill Seattle: Earth with Pillar Point at Barboza
22 Quasi, Blues Control, and Hobosexual at The Tractor
22 Helmet with FF at The Crocodile
22 This One's For The Ladies: Big Lips Big Lies, Meimei, Audrey Horne plus zines, art, speakers and more at Ground Zero in Bellevue--(correction: accidentally listed as 23rd previously) 
22 XVIII, Wishbeard, Lazer Kitty, and Half Kingdom at LoFi Performance Gallery
23 Airport, Deastro, and Ecstatic Cosmic Union at Vermillion
23 Vibragun, Piano Piano, Foreign Resort, and Scriptures at The Sunset
23 They Rise We Die, Piano Piano, Foreign Resort, and Scriptures at The Sunset
23 Wire, Chastity Belt, and Vestals at Neumos
23 Stickers, Mega Bog, Viviane James at Atlas Space
24 Plains, Into the Storm, Breag Naofa, and Gladiators Eat Fire at Black Lodge
26 Jon Hopkins, Clark, and Nathan Fake at the Crocodile
27 Waxahatchee, Swearin’, and Dead Bars at Chop Suey
29 Daniel Bachman and Chris Forsyth at Gallery 1412 CANCELLED
29 Soft Metals, Ononos, New Weather, and Dr Troy at Highline
30 Weeks of Wonders, Charms, Sun Angel, and Gang Cult at The Comet
30 The Cave Singers at the Neptune
30 Sandrider (LP release), Constant Lovers, and Dust Moth at Neumos
30 Cock and Swan, Suzanne Perry with Golden Gardens, and Levator at Columbia City Theater
30 La Luz, The Shivas, Specs Wizard at Washington Hall

107.7 The End's Deck the Hall Ball, Seattle,
Psychedelic Holiday Freakout, Various Venues, Seattle

3 Kid Smpl, Zoolab, Newazeyes, Algebraic Satellite at Barboza
5 Sandrider at Easy Street Records
5 Sarah Davachi, Kaori Suzuki, and Total Life at Chapel Performance Space
7 The Dismemberment Plan at the Neptune
7 Golden Gardens, Scarves, and Half-Breed at Q Cafe
13 Pere Ubu at Neptune
13 Black Hat, White Boy Scream with Viviane James, and Bat at Teatro De La Psychomachia
14 Holograms, TV Ghost, and Atomic Bride at Chop Suey
14 King Krule at Barboza
14 Lunamoth, Gems, and Piano Piano at The Josephine
20 MOTOR XI feat. Pete Swanson, TJ Max, and DJ Slow at Chop Suey
21 He Whose Ox Is Gored, Grenades, Drunk Dad, and Caligula at Chop Suey
27/28 Built to Spill at Neumos
30/31 SRTFKR at Neumos

9 Reverend Horton Heat with Nekromantix and Old Man Markley at Showbox at the Market
17 Wooden Shjips at the Crocodile
22 Darkside at Neumos
24 Patterson Hood at the Crocodile
31 White Denim at Neumos

11 Delorean at Barboza

1 Skinny Puppy with Baal at Showbox at the Market

17 Godflesh with Special Guests at Neptune (Rescheduled from Oct)

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