Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This Thursday at Chop Suey: Charms, Chastity Belt, Week of Wonders, and Shogun Barbie

I just found out about an awesome local show going on this Thursday night at Chop Suey, and for only 7 bucks you too can partake in the madness and still get home in time to finish out the work week. Here's the lineup.

Charms: Distant vocals delivered over crisp, dreamy (almost sonic youth-ish) guitars and crashing symbols.

 Chastity Belt: Riot grrrl act with all the mess and punk attitude. Lots of catchy pop hooks and awesome lyrics like on “Ponytail” where they scream “I don’t wanna date you cause you’ve got a long ponytail…you look like my mom!” Hilarious.

Week of Wonders: Tropical dancy rhythms; they sort of remind me of a calypso version of the now defunct Orca Team. Very casual, but definitely not lazy. *2/7: there's a reason why they sound so similar; Leif Anders is now in this band...duh*

Shogun Barbie: Howling male/female vocals with highly articulate guitar and bass work that borrows from garage, punk and classic rock. I bet these guys could bring a party all by themselves. 

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