Sunday, February 17, 2013

BARE 4: another Fremont Abbey gem

As I have said before, the Fremont Abbey puts on some really special, unique events. Their "Bare" concert series is an annual shindig that I first attended in 2012. I adored it. Picture the upper floor of a converted chapel, with high ceilings and wood floors. Folding chairs are set up facing the stage, which isn't much to speak of. The event is intimate by nature. Without the clamor of the usual musical accompaniment (and as I recall, no actual amplification or microphones at this event, either), the singers have to project with a power that they rarely get to exhibit. The audience is transfixed. You are all trying to be extra quiet, given the set-up for the evening, and somehow the singers seem extra raw without guitars and mics to hide behind. Perhaps this is another connotation of the title "Bare".

This line-up is also pretty stellar. Some Abbey usuals like The Cellar Door (who are a lot of fun), and some up and coming stars of the local music scene like Kendra Cox of Lemolo and Pepper Proud. You really should not miss it!

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