Saturday, February 23, 2013

Four Show Choices for Tonight (2/23)

Four awesome shows tonight at four awesome spaces. I really wish I could be in multiple places at once...

1. The Narx, Feel Young, So Pitted and Pleasure Beauties at Cairo Seattle
 An interesting mix of punk, "post-grunge" mayhem, and slow burning, cloud-9 lo-fi rock.

2. Secret Colors, the Hive Dwellers, Slashed Tires and Richie Dagger’s Crime at Heartland
Secret Colors' Matt Lawson (also of Stephanie) is always worth paying a ticket to see, especially when coupled with the prolific Calvin Johnson (of Beat Happening and a bunch of other stuff) and co. Slashed Tires and Richie Dagger's Crime are great additions. Sort of a lot of sounds going on here, it'll be interesting to see how it all works out. 

3. Lou-lou Hernadez and Golden Gardens at The Josephine
If I wasn't committed elsewhere this is probably where I would be tonight. Golden Gardens and Lou-Lou Hernandez are definitely an interesting pairing as one (GG) plays ambient, almost Slowdive-esque showgaze, and Lou-Lou plays what I would describe as extraterrestrial dance music.


4. Broken Water, Dreamdecay, Monogamy Party, Mega Bog and Negative Press at Black Lodge
Broken Water play what might be called riot grrrl-gaze with interjections of ambient and psych. This evening they're joined by local noise-rockers Dreamdecay, as well as Monogamy Party, Mega Bog, and Tahoma's Negative Press.

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