Friday, February 15, 2013

Debacle Fest 2013! A Full Weekend of Experimental Music

“In a sense, [they] were creating the performance simply by gathering around it, identifying it as something that was worth paying attention to. Just by being there, and paying for a ticket, they were taking a stance in regards to the various shapes that music can take, and the kind of music that is most deserving of one’s time and concentration and money”.
-Emilie Friedlander, 2012. From her introduction to Ad Hoc Fm magazine; 1(pp. 2-3)

I think it’s sad when people use words like avant garde, or experimental in a derogatory manner in reference to music. Surely, if it’s a sin to only like something because it’s obscure, then rejecting it for the same reason must be at least as bad, right? However, I think that what really keeps most people away from these shows is a feeling of being uninitiated; that somehow they aren’t welcome, which is of course not true. In reality, the thrill of seeing this type of music is that you never really know what’s gonna happen (yes, even if you’ve listened to the artist at home), and in that respect, everyone is uninitiated and every person is integral to the experience.

This May 4, 5, and 6 (correction: May 3, 4, and 5) marks a special time in Seattle’s independent music community, and a great time to get your feet wet in droning electronics: the 6th Annual Debacle Fest!

For those that don’t know, Debacle Records is a local imprint run by the ridiculously awesome Samuel Melancon that specializes in releasing local and national music produced by nascent experimental and noise artists. Since 2004 they have released more than 40 such records (most of which can be sampled for free here), and their bi-monthy floating showcase, MOTOR has become a fixture in the city.

So, now you know why I'm so excited for this May, when Debacle is hosting not just one night, but a three night festival filled with gobs and gobs of everything they do so well. So far, a limited line up has been announced which includes Expo '70, Golden Retriever, Total Life, MTNs, and Brain Fruit to name just a few, but more has been promised to be revealed on March 1st. In true Debacle fashion, the events are scheduled to happen at multiple venues (FRED Wildlife Refuge, Highline, and Lo-fi), and local internet station Hollow Earth Radio will not only help, but also benefit from the event. Tickets are on sale now through Brown Paper Tickets. See you there!

March 1:
The lineup has been announced!


  1. Hey, great preview for the fest, and hype for MOTOR! Glad you dug my photo, and thanks for listing my site here as well. Nice work!

  2. Thanks, man! We're pretty new and really appreciate your support.