Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SWL #6: Gems, "Phillip's Glass Eye"

Gems are funky in a way that is almost unfathomable to the uninitiated. The Seattle-based band utilizes two different drummers and two keyboardists to sculpt their stellar electro-grooves, and on their only release to date, 2011’s eponymous ep, it definitely pays off. “Phillip’s Glass Eye” is a track off that record and it’s a great example of what makes the band worth spending time with; tight, syncopated rhythms propel the tune as it careens through jazz and krout-infused spasms of dance rock. The band is having a listening party for their new record, titled "Tall Mountain", at Vermillion on the 22nd of this month (March, 2013). Be there or be square.

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