Monday, March 18, 2013

SWL #4: Nouela, "Fight"

In my opinion, Nouela Johnston can do no wrong. I've been following the Mountlake Terrace native's music since Mon Frere, and her most recent incarnation as the lead singer of her self-titled band has resulted in some very lovely, energetic and mature music.

Blame five years of piano lessons as a kid, but I'm a sucker for a singer-songwriter who focuses on the piano. Nouela's debut album came out in June of 2012; "Fight" is the first single. The driving, dramatic beat of the piano, together with her layered, looping vocals get me dancing every time. The subject is complicated, an outline of what it feels like to struggle for your dreams, despite the adversity that may pose. I love this line:

"I'm so tired of wishing (I don't wanna fight)
That a Cadillac in a cul-de-sac (I don't wanna fight)
Would be a life worth living (I don't wanna fight)"

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