Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our Review of This Weekend's Show Choices (March 22nd and 23, 2013)

March 22nd 

Unknown Mortal Orchestra with Foxygen and Wampire at Crocodile:
This show is officially sold out, so I won't say much about this event except that those of you concerned with lo-fi, psych-flavored, indie rock should find a place to camp and scrounge tickets. Listen below to hear what you're missing.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra, "Ffunny Ffrends"
Foxygen, "San Francisco"


White Lung with Monogamy Party and TacocaT at Chop Suey:
 White Lung is female fronted post/speed punk band from Vancouver that write songs steeped in a strong sense of hardcore urgency. Local favorites Monogamy Party and TacocaT bring a similar level of punk-punk/hardcore fury, and altogether I'm sure you won't get a moment of peace all evening.  
White lung, "Deadbeat"
Monogamy Party, "Drunk or Dying"

Black Hat, Lie, KORBAN, Bardo.Basho, and Daniel Shuman at Heartland: 
 The release of Spectral Disorder on Debacle Records (a NGD favorite) was a fitting introduction for Seattle's experimental music community to Oakland transplant Nelson Bean, whose songs push the limits of ambient experimental music through the incorporation of soul-shaking tribal and industrial themes. He is joined by Lie (cold-punk) and Koban (industrial punk/darkwave) from Vancouver, Bardo.Basho from CTPAK records (sounds like a stripped-down, experimental version of tUnE-yArDs), and Daniel Shuman of Sabbath Assembly. Should be a strange evening fit for those who revel in experimental music.  

Black Hat, "#000000"
Lie, "Muse-DEMO"
Kōban, "Down in the well"
Golden Grrls, Detective Agency with Chastity Belt at Cairo Seattle:
Golden Grrls will be supporting Brilliant Colors and Veronica Falls at the Tractor on the 21st, but you can also see them as a headliner at Cairo Seattle the following evening. For the Cairo show they are supported by the Seattle garage pop-ers, Detective Agency, and the always prolific Chastity Belt. Lots of nerdy dancing and good times for the twee inclined.

Golden Grrls, "Past Tense"
Detective Agency, "Daggers"

Gems listening party at Vermillion Art Bar:
Gems are funky in a way that is almost unfathomable to the uninitiated. The Seattle-based band utilizes two different drummers and two keyboardists to sculpt their stellar electro-grooves, and on their only release to date, 2011’s eponymous ep, it definitely pays off. The band is having a listening party for their new record, titled "Tall Mountain", at Vermillion on the 22nd of this month. Be there or be square.

Gems, "Phillip's Glass Eye"

March 23nd 
Landmine Marathon, Transient, Brain Scraper at Black Lodge: This show is going to be brutal. Landmine Marathon is a killer death metal band from Phoenix and they will be joined by Portland's Transient (grindcore) and Seattle's own Brain Scraper (black metal/ crust).

Landmine Marathon, "Dead Horses"

Transient, "Smash Therapy" Brain Scraper, "Lobotomizer"

Charms, the Echo Echo Echos, So Pitted, The Lindseys at Blue Moon:
Charms are a garage indie band from Seattle that feature distant vocals delivered over crisp, dreamy (almost sonic youth-ish) guitars and crashing symbols. They are joined by the Echo Echo Echos, who self-identify as making "music for a beach day", as well as So Pitted, and The Lindseys.
Charms, "Wartime"

The Echo Echo Echos, "Surfer Girl"

Thrones, Midlife Vacation, Mutant Video and Total Life at Heartland:

A night (actually a weekend if you go to Heartland both nights) worth of sonic oddities. Kevin Doria (also of Growing) is celebrating the rebirth of his Total Life moniker with a new album titled Bender/Drifter on Debacle Records and this is the release show. Doria is joined by Midlife Vacation and Mutant Video, both of which will warp your fragile brain with droning electronics. Mutant video is described on bandcamp as "creeped out basement men playing John Carpenter soundtrack jams at 16 rpm with a strong hardcore undercurrent". This is where I'll probably be on Saturday night. 

Total Life, "Bender"

Midlife Vacation, "Weird Baggage"

Waxahatchee at Porchlight:
Waxahatchee's "Be Good" was named one of NPR's top 100 songs of 2012 and its not hard to see why people find Alabama's Katie Crutchfield so endearing. She delivers folk music in a way that avoids all the boredom-inducing pitfalls of many singer-songwriters and instead goes strait for the down-homeness in your heart you didn't even know you had. 
Waxahatchee, "Black Candy"

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