Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Guide To Debacle Records' March Madness Sale

Debacle Records is the type of label you want to have in your town. Helmed primarily by Sam Melancon, but with assistance from others (most recently Rachel LeBlanc), the Seattle-based experimental label has released somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 small-run recordings since its inception in 2004. From harsh noise and drone, to ambient black metal, to weirdo synth-pop, and even indie-punk, Debacle doesn't really have a "sound" per se -- more than anything, it's a monument to one obsessive audophiles' love for independent music. Which is, of course, something we understand.

The only problem with the label is that it can be hard for newcomers to know exactly where to begin. After all, falling for the sleek experimental pop of last year's Biosexual record, is not necessarily an indication that you'll love the intense drone of Total Life, or the futuristic tech-house of TJ Max

Fortunately, Debacle is all about getting the word out. They host tables at DIY fairs on a regular basis, and their floating bimonthly dance night, MOTOR, really is amazing (the next one is on May 8th and you should go). However, every May the label steps it up even further with Debacle Fest, a multi-venue festival featuring performances by a dazzling array of phenomenal local and national artists (read more, including the official line-up here). In other words, now is the time to take the plunge into the Debacle world.

The March sale is the way to do just that. For the remaining 6 days of March, Debacle will be virtually giving away their in-stock releases. This year's packages include:   

Again, intimating, and if you're at all sane you're probably thinking, "that's an amazing deal, but what will I be getting?". Well, we finally took the plunge this year ourselves, and in this post we've endeavored to answer that question for you. Below find 10 of our favorite tracks from the range of offerings. Just a word of warning, this might very well be the very last year this deal is offered and it expires on the first of April, so don't let this one slip away. 

Once you're up to date you can join the rest of us waiting with bated breath to see many of these same artists perform at Debacle Fest. 


Adderall Canyonly, “Arrows Above, Arrows Behind” from We Are Everywhere At Once (2013) -- krautrock, experimental synth-pop -- reminds me of Tangerine Dream

TJ Max, “Sanctuary” from ‘Wrong To Run (2013) -- tech-house influenced by Logan's Run

PD/AQ, “D”, from Physical Demon/ The Al Qaeda Septet (2010) -- free jazz, improv

Boy Fruit, “Tits & Tacos” from ‘Demonology’ (2012) -- experimental beats a la Black Dice
Rainbow Lorikeet, “Abell 2667” from ‘Fractures’ (2012) -- dark beats with villainous synth meandering
Billiam Wutler Yea, “Inner Pole g” from ‘Y Eso Que Muerte’ (2010) -- psychedelic noise/drone. One of my new favorite records. Really lovely from start to finish.

Kristeater, “A Ruhmn” from ‘Paintings For Animals’ (2011) -- like Mitchel Bell if Knifecream and Thunder Grey Pilgrim merged. Ominous ambient sounds.  

Black Hat, “#00000” from ‘Spectral Disorder’ (2012) -- soul-shaking industrial and tribal ambient dance. Read our interview here. Read Ad Hoc's much better interview here.  

Daniel Bachman, “Perigee Moon” from ‘Oh Be Joyful’ (2012) -- experimental fingerstyle guitar

BLSPHM, “Garuda” from ‘Barter The Lashed’ (2012) -- harsh noise/ambient black metal

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