Sunday, March 9, 2014

*Updated 3/9* Upcoming Seattle Shows

Crazy weekend for us, so it's gonna have to be self-service this week. Also, there are lots of really exciting things happening in the NGD world, and in case we haven't made it clear, we are so so so grateful to have the support of so many like-minded folks. 

Have a great week!


9 Magma: Space Lady, Geneva Jacuzzi, Goddess Kring, and SciFiSol at Chop Suey
9 Tara Jane Oneil, Lori Goldston, and Dan Sasaki at 20/20 Cycle
9 Lost Tapes, The Yev, Trick Candles, and more at Lo-Fi
13 Magma: Moon Joe, Dan Sasaki and Jean Nagai, Knot Pine Box, and Low Yo Yo Stuff at Chapel Performance Space
13 Objects, Sound & Life: March BLITZ at The In
13 Theories, Transient, Aerial ruin, Bell Witch, and Un at Highline
13 Agonia Countdown to Armageddon, and Diversions at The Kraken
14 Cosmic Evening of Art and Music with Children of Kids at Beats and Bohos
14 Huge Rock, Sun Foot, and Tummy at Cairo Seattle
14 Trentlange with Golden Gardens and NAVVI at Barboza
14 Alex Menne with Fauna Shade, The Mike Davis Project, and Jessie Houghton at Ground Zero
14 Magma: Lures, Valerie Warren, PonyHomie, and Scarves at Hollow Earth Radio
15 Magma: Eiderdown showcase feat Ecstatic Cosmic Union, Walrus Machine, Stale Birth, Kate Olson and more at Hollow Earth Radio
15 Boats!, Stab Me Kill Me, Killer Ghost, and The Dumps at Victory Lounge
15 Lesbian, Sandrider, and Lords of the North at Columbia City Theater
15 Atomic Bride, Gladiators Eat Fire, Ghost Town Riot, and Keaton Collective at Barboza
15 Escstatic Cosmic Union, Walrus Machine, Stalebirth, Hanford, Kate Olson, The Clour Out of Space, and Throne Lords at Hollow Earth Radio
15 Corum, White Gourd, Karnak Temples, and SPEARS at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center
15 Wimps, Sad Horse, and Gang Cult at Waid’s
15 Dark Time with Sone, John Massey, and Murdoc! at Kremwerk
15 Matt Akers, Memorysmoker, Bent Black, DL Salo, and Biled Will at Black Lodge
16 Rene Hell, Raica, and Haniwa Horse at Machine House Brewery
19 Carsick Cars, Flavor Crystals, White+, Black Nite Crash, and DJs Loud Panda and Retina Burn at Chop Suey
19 Cancers, Bottlenose Koffins, Lindseys, and Ubu Roi at The Kraken
19 The Sounds, with Blondfire at Neumos
19 Purling Hiss and Scarves at Sunset Tavern
20 Kakerlak, Unexamine, Struggle Session, Home, and Veeskre at Josephine
20 Magma: Climax Golden Twins, Jessika Kenney, Susie Kozawa and Dean Moore, Michael Wohl, and Swil Kanim at Chapel Performance Space
21 Magma: Kid Smpl, IG88, Hanssen, and Bellflower at Glasswing
21 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer at Josephine
21 Toyoidaho, Western Haunts, Magic Mirrors, and Kilcid Band at Lo-Fi
22 Princess, Argnoaut, Dogs of War, and Into the Storm at Josephine
22 Bullets or Balloons, Bend the Clouds, The Present Tense, and Abstract Friends at Ground Zero
22 Magma: Peter Fedofsky, Septimus, Tummy, Mufassa, and Taft ARO Space at Kenyon Hall
22 God or an Other, Winter in the Blood, Mongrel Gods, and Un at 2Bit Saloon
22 NO Goddamn Dancing! Presents: VibraGun, Wind Burial, Levator, and Nostalgist at Highline
22 La Misma, Freak Vibe, Deathraid and more at the Nut Hole
22 Motor XII featuring Container, Apartment Fox, Bankie Phones, DJ Slow, and Goodwin at Lo-Fi
23 Specs-One, Parker Edison, Dex Amora, Industrial Revelation, Rogue Pinay, and Cabin Games at Hollow Earth Radio
23 Hollow Sunshine, Wreck and Reference, So Stressed, and A Story of Rats at Highline
24 Cowards, Lie, Haunted Horses, and Health Problems at Black Lodge
25 Iron Chic, Murmurs, Dead Bars, Cancers at Black Lodge
26 Canadian Rifle, Random Orbits, The Loss + Special Guests at the Kraken
26 St. Vincent at Moore
26 JoyCut, Dionvox, and the Spider Ferns at Lo-Fi
26 Dirty Fences, Sioux City Pete and The Beggars, Bad Future, and Brain Drain at Victory Lounge
27 27 Doors, Sacred Signs, and Levator at Josephine
27 Lori Goldston at Chapel Performance Space
28 The War on Drugs with White Laces at Neptune Theater
28 The Mothership, Ever-So-Android, Piano Piano, and Devils Hunt Me Down at The Crocodile
28 Magma: Strategy, Simic Josef Gaard, and Newaexeyes at Hollow Earth Radio
28 Distortions presents Valmont’s Pad at Vermillion
28 The Black Lips with The Coathangers at Neumos
28 Sleep Terror, Barefoot Barnacle, L.B.! (Pound), Guns of Barisal at Highline
28 Crimson Scarlet, Dead Cult, and Shadowhouse at Victory Lounge
28 Vatican, Don Peyote, and Endorphins Lost at Josephine
28 Small Black with Snomine at Barboza
29 King Dude, The Ballantynes, and Bad Futures at Rendezvous
30 Some Suprises, Let’s Drive To Alaska, Plastic Boner Band, and Tyler Potts at Hollow Earth Radio
31 Nightmare Fortress with He Whose Ox Is Gored at Barboza


1 Heiress, Secrets of The Sky, Eye of Nix, and Entmoot at Chop Suey
4 The New Flesh, Old City, Kohosh, and Murder in the Wood at Victory Lounge
4 Constant Lovers (Record Release), Gaytheist, and Tartufi at Chop Suey
4 Dinners, Whelp, and Yellow Space Lion at Ground Zero
4 Neutral Milk Hotel at Neptune Theater
4 Ladies Choice: Don Peyote, Partman Parthorse, Murder in The Woods and more at Black Lodge and Victory Lounge
5 Golden Gardens, Kelli Frances Corrado, and Bardo:Basho at Teatro de la Psychomachia
5 Ladies Choice: Samara, Power Skeleton, Dust Moth and more at Highline
5 Dum Dum Girls with Blouse at Neumos
5 Gel-Sol at Josephine
6 Vertical Scratchers with Black Whales at Barboza
7 Bryan Ferry at McCaw Hall
11 Hazzard’s Cure, OSS, and Blood Of Kings at Victory Lounge
10 Alexander Robotnick with Airport, Chris Davies, and DJ Dr. Troy at Barboza
12 Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks at Neptune
12 Purr Gato with Death By Stars, and Elbow Coulee at Barboza
13 Destruction Unit, CCR Headcleaner, Dream Decay, and Naomi Punk at Black Lodge
15 Thou (Nola), Cloud Rat, O Paon, and Samothrace at Black Lodge
16 Chromeo with TOKiMONSTA at Showbox at the Market
17 Godflesh with Special Guests at Neptune (Rescheduled from Oct)
17 The Men, Gun Outfit, and Lures at Chop Suey
19 Usnea, Night Nurse, Countdown to Armageddon, and Druden at Black Lodge
19 Bonobo with J-Justice and DJ D’Nelski at Neumos
23 Drive By Truckers with Shovels and Rope at Showbox SoDo
23 White Lies with Frankie Rose at Showbox at the Market
24 Zyanose, Frenzy, and Babylon at Black Lodge
26 Shlohmo at Neumos
28 Mastodon with Gojira, and Kvelertak at Showbox SoDo
29 Moon Duo at Barboza

18 Jeffertitti’s Nile, Low Hums, Rabia & Chris (of Rose Windows), and Ecstatic Cosmic Union at Lo-Fi
19 Jeremy Jay, Heavenly Beat, and more at Lo-Fi
22 Potty Mouth, Chastity Belt, Lindseys, and TBA at Black Lodge

2 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds at Paramount

31 Brand New at Showbox SoDo

18 Peter Hook & The Light at Neumos

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