Wednesday, March 5, 2014

This Month In Releases: February 2014

Welcome to our favorite local releases post for the month of February!! In this post we loving offer up the 11 EPs/LPs and 1 compilation that constituted our favorite local listens to emerge in the last month. As always, the rules are as follows: all records were released during the month of February by either a local artist or a local record company. They appear in no particular order and singles and 7" were not included (unless they were EP length). If I didn't include your release I either didn't like it, didn't hear it, or one or both of us has the wrong release date. Click the link in the album title for more from each artist. Enjoy!

Pill Wonder, Shy Dogs(self-released) -- electronic, weirdo/warped pop

Diogenes, Swap Meet’ (self-released) -- future beats, hip-hop, jazz fusion

Topdown Dialectic, FUR 084(Further) -- tech-house, experimental, ambient

Roladex, 'Anthems For The Micro-Age' (Medical) -- minimalist synth, synth-pop, new wave

Stalebirth, OddEyePuss(self-released) -- experimental, free jazz, noise, improv

Lori Goldston, 'Creekside: Solo Cello' (Mississippi) -- solo cello, improv, experimental classical folk 

2Suit, 'WMDxRDC = 2Suit',  (CTPAK Records) -- ambient hip hop, introspective, techno 

Cave Babies, Accomplish Nothing(Lost Sound) -- diy pop, bedroom lo-fi, singer-songwriter 

Pillar Point, Pillar Point(Polyvinyl) -- dance, indie rock, synth-pop 

Helms Alee, Sleepwalking Sailors(Sargent) -- grunge metal, stoner rock

Various, Isaac Loves You, Especially Youby BLDGs -- alt rock, pop-punk, indie-pop, etc 

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