Thursday, March 6, 2014

This Month In Photos: February 2014

Another month of great shows, art, and record shops. March is certainly shaping up to be a good one too; for those who haven't heard, our first NGD Seattle-presented show is taking place at Highline Bar on Saturday, March 22nd with Vibragun, Wind Burial, Nostalgist, and Levator. Amongst other things we'll be celebrating the release of our second local music compilation, "Send Me To Dream", which will be debuting soon. RSVP here and come hand with us!

Look familiar? It's the Fremont rocket! Which is also the inspiration for our show poster, below!

Hope you can make it out on March 22nd!
Now, back to business...

Dawn Of Midi, opening for Oneohtrix Point Never, at the Crocodile, 2/4
Getting ready for Oneohtrix Point Never!
Oneohtrix Point Never had very cool visuals and sounded amazing!

Vibragun (right), Balms (bottom left), and Red Martian (upper left), Lo-Fi Performance Gallery, 2/6

Art Walk installations outside of the 4-hour-long Stalebirth performance, The Inn, 2/13. 

More art at The Inn

Stalebirth aftermath. "They just played for four hours straight. Clap!"

We went record shop exploring in Tacoma. Shout out to Turntable Treasures!

Chung Antique and Mittens at Highline Bar, 2/24

Guitar Worship Service at the Josephine, 2/28. The merch table at these services is amazing!

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