Saturday, April 27, 2013

*Updated 4/28* Upcoming Seattle Shows

Hey all. New week, same old story: a ton of killer reasons to get out and support local Seattle spaces...especially if you like the weird stuff. Lori Goldston, cellist for long-running Seattle experimental band Earth is performing with percussionist Dan Sasaki at Heartland, and of course, the first two days of Debacle Fest (including an experimental hardcore matinee show at Highline featuring MTNS and BLSPHM) will be taking place. Label-head Sam Melancon has put together a mix that you can still download here, but it doesn't come anywhere close to hitting on everything awesome (check out the awesome new Date Palms here). Bleached, featuring the Clavin sisters from Mika Miko, are coming through from LA in support of their new record, Ride Your Heart. New Build is coming to Neumos with NO CEREMONY///, who released a number of awesome tracks to the blog-o-sphere some time ago and seemed to promptly vanish. Finally, two label-supported showcases this week: Neon Sigh is presenting Golden Gardens at the Sunset tomorrow and Medical Records and NO SLEEP SEATTLE are hosting Diogenes, Bankie Phones and Goo Goo at Electric Tea Garden on the 5th. Hope everyone has an awesome week. 

28 Golden Gardens, Snowdrift at the Sunset
30 Mercy Ties, La Luna/Brain Fever, Lord Snow and Body Betrayal at Black Lodge
30 Killing Joke and Czars at Neumos
30 Mindless Self Indulgence at Showbox at the Market
30 Crystal Castles with Pictureplane at Moore 

1 Bleached, EX-COPS and Guests at Chop Suey
1 New Build with NO CEREMONY/// at Neumos
2 Diogenes, Bankie Phones, Goo Goo, and visuals by Frankie Crescioni at Electric Tea Garden
2 Marina and the Diamonds at Showbox SoDo (Moved to SoDo and Charli XCX has been dropped from the bill)
2 Lori Goldston & Dan Sasaki, Vanessa Renwick (films), You Are Plural, and Lisa Shonberg at Heartland
2 & 3 Allen Stone's Prom-Themed Bumbershoot Final Lineup Announcement Party at The Crocodile  
3 Debacle Fest Day 1 at Fred Wildlife Refuge (line-up for all days)
3 Mitts, TeenSpot and Craig Salt Peters at Black Lodge
4 Perpetual Rituals, Sacred Signs, Midnight Blooms, and Planets Around the Sun at Josephine
4 The Cave Singers with Bleeding Rainbow at Showbox at the Market
4 Debacle Fest Day 2 (matinee show) at Highline
4 Debacle Fest Day 2 at Fred Wildlife Refuge
5 Debacle Fest Day 3 at Lo-Fi Performance Gallery 
5 Medical Record Rx with Stacian, Samantha Glass, Alicia Amiri, and Dr. Troy at Electric Tea Garden   
5 Slam Dunk, Audrey Horne and Hibou at Heartland
4 Metz at Neumos
5 Stacian, Samantha Glass and DR. Troy at Electric Tea Garden
8 Foot Village, Clipping, Haunted Horses, and WaMu at Black Lodge
9 Hush Hush showcase with DJ Alex and Vox Mod at Arabica Lounge
10 Kisses and Trails and Ways at Barboza
10 Dude York, Vapor Trails (Ron 9/Love Battery) Pytons, We Are Golden at The Highline
11 Oh! Pears, No Grave, Scarves, and Craig Salt Peters at Heartland
12 The Appleseed Cast, Hospital Ships and Guests at Chop Suey           
13 Colleen Green, So Pitted, and Blooper at Heartland
15 MGMT at Showbox SODO
15 Constant Lovers, X-Suns, Dust Moth, and Black Swees at Barboza
15 Black Pus, MTNS, and Numbs at Black Lodge
16 Moose Portrait and Children of Kids at Vermillion
16 Hair and Space Museum and JJAAXXNN at Electric Tea Garden
17 Dude York, The Crap, NEEDLES//PINS, and the Steve Adamyk Band at Heartland
17 Yo La Tengo at Showbox at the Market
17 Beat Connection at Neumos
17 Golden Gardens, Tokyoidaho, Kelli Frances Corrado at Columbia City Theater
19 Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death at El Corazon
19 Vox Mod with Dairos (ft. members of Pollens and Totem and Cabana at Barboza
20 Medical Records Rx with IM NAMEN DES VOLKES, SH6RL6S6 and guests at Electric Tea Garden
21 Karl Blau with Baby Copperhead and the Weblos at the Crocodile Back Bar
22 Flying Lotus with Thundercat at Showbox SODO
23 (Portland) Haim at Keller Auditorium
25 Thermals WIMPS and La Luz at Neumos
25 Avi Buffalo at Barboza 
31 Tom Eddy, Heatwarmer and Pollens at the Tractor

June 2013
6 They Might Be Giants at Showbox at SODO
7 Alkaline Trio at Showbox at the Market
14 Mount Kimbie, Holy Other and Vinyl Williams at Neumos
16 Dreamsalon, Fuzzy Cloaks, Chest Cavity/ BBQ Party at Leather Lounge
16 Golden Gardens, Jetman Jet Team, and Space Waves at Chop Suey
21 The Dandy Warhols at Showbox at the Market
22 Camera Obscura at Showbox at the Market 

4 Airport, YOURYOUNGBODY, Leatherdaddy at Comet
11/12 Rancid at Showbox SoDo
13 Sub Pop’s Silver Jubilee, Georgetown Neighborhood. Free!
14 Tuxedo Gleam, Jollapin Jasper, Love Cop, and More at Electric Tea Garden
14 Thunderbird Atlanta, Children of Kids, Wes Sp8, and Werebearcats at Hi-Dive
17 The Postal Service at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, OR
17 Portugal. The Man. Showbox at the Market
18 The Postal Service at Key Arena
19 Peter Murphy performing only Bauhaus material with Ours at Showbox at the Market
30 Feral Fauna, Children of Kids and Karmedic at Nectar Lounge
26-28 Capitol Hill Block Party

16/17 Melvins at Neumos

5 Godspeed You Black Emperor at Showbox SoDo

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