Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This Month in Photos: March 2013

Aloha! We were in Hawaii until recently, so the March photos post is a bit late. We saw some great shows in March! Note that I included the 2/28 Heartland show because it wasn't covered in the February post.

Heartland, 2/28
The Fucking Dyke Bitches

Pacific Pride

Bare 4 at Fremont Abbey, 3/1
Bare 4: All of the performers come together for one last song

 The Comet, 3/2
Blues Control
Dull Knife

VALU-Pak at Gallery 1412, 3/7

Urban Light Studios, "Urban Avant Garde" music and art show, 3/8
Patrick Files
Cassette art!

Heartland, 3/15
Pretty Old

Veronica Falls at Tractor Tavern, 3/21

Midlife Vacation at Heartland, 3/23

Ready to start our vacation on Oahu!

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  1. Wow, do they really give you leis right off the plane? :) That's cool what they did with the cassette tapes!