Thursday, April 18, 2013

SWL# 16: Neighbors, "Accessory"

Admittedly, the terms “slacker” and “lo-fi” don’t inspire much hope in me for more than nostalgia-mining, but when I heard that Neighbors had released a song off their upcoming 10”, I Love Neighbors, I had a feeling that a SWL post would be in my future. 2012’s John in Babeland was on everyone’s best of list for a reason: it successfully channeled freakbeat/mod, garage, and protopunk influences in a way that felt both familiar and fresh, and if “Accessory” is any indication, I Love Neighbors won’t fall short of anyone’s expectations. The song is really really well arranged (really really). It primarily alternates between savage distortion and clean verses punctuated by José Díaz Rohena’s trademark emotive quaver, but the breakdown is where I really lose it. The song’s lyrics detail a failing relationship, and as they start building their way back out chanting “accessory” and finally, “that’s all you wanted me to be”, I can’t help but drum on everything and everyone in reach. I Love Neighbors is set to release June 4 on Manic Pop, but you can see them this Sunday (the 21st) at Another Dream.

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