Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SWL #9: Pleasure Beauties, "I'm a Canyon"

Seattle’s Pleasure Beauties are the auditory equivalent of a sunny day—molten, drowsy, washed out guitar-pop music that is nothing if not immersive. The most appropriate comparisons that the trio (Dana Lullaby Jewell, Drew Drool Donaghy, and Will Murdoch) draws are to Texas' Pure X; however, electronic artifacts, noise, and the occasional slow-burning solo also add unique textural differences that set them apart. “I’m a Canyon” appeared early on in their career on 2011's Singles EP and it's not hard to figure out why it made the cut for Trips, their 2012 debut full-length on Wild Animal Kingdom. It showcases everything that they do so well and it's a fitting introduction to their small, but awesome catalog. You can see them this Saturday along with Lovers Without Borders (feat. Karl Blau) and Corner Kick at Heartland.

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