Thursday, April 4, 2013

SWL #11: Weapons of Mass Destruction, "Ripples"

On his Facebook page Weapons of Mass Destruction (aka. Madison Levine; also of Children of Kids) describes his work as “sample based beat heavy music with large textural sound design”. This is an apt general description, but in the case of “Ripples” it doesn’t quite cover it. When IDM is done poorly it imparts a sterile, boring feeling, but Levine's juxtaposition here of measured piano sample and syncopated percussion make the track a living thing--pulsing and writhing along effortlessly with seemingly bated breath for almost 3 minutes until it fades out, presumably to inspire elsewhere. The song appears alongside a bunch of other great tunes on CTPAK's Kill Room mixtape, which is available here. To my knowledge there aren’t any WMD shows or extended play releases in the future, but there really should be.

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