Monday, February 24, 2014

Exclusive: Stream "Songs For Hungry Ghosts" by Craig Salt Peters

"Songs For Hungry Ghosts" is easily one of the most widely anticipated indie pop records to come out of Seattle this year. Not only is this the first release to emerge from the Craig Salt Peters project in the 8 years since 2006's "Whooping Crane Dance", but the project's transformation into a flawless live band consisting of Craig, as well as Zach Burba (iji, Megabog), Jacob Jaffe (Love In Mind, Younger Shoulder), and John Broback (Hana And The Goose) -- essentially a who's who of our local DIY scene, has only made the possibility of a new full-length more exciting. At NGD, we fell hook, line, and sinker. After coming across their gorgeous three-song teaser EP last August, we not only added it to that month's best of list, but we also featured "Seeing You" on our SeattleDIYPop Mix soon after.

Left to right: John Broback, Jacob Jaffe, Craig Peters, Zach Burba

For these reasons and more we're thrilled to be able to offer a sneak peak of "Songs For Hungry Ghosts" in its entirety before it officially releases on Lost Sound Tapes on March 14th. In addition to amazing songs like "Seeing You", and "Patience", which were included on the teaser, we also highly recommend you check out great new ones like "I Don't Wanna Miss You", and "The Year We Lived In Liberty”.

Keep your eyes on Lost Sound Tapes for your chance to preorder the 14 track cassette tape complete with digital download. Enjoy!

3/12 edit: the preorder is up!!! Purchase a copy on the bandcamp page and get the digital download now!