Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What does the blog name mean?

When we were looking for a good name for the blog, we were searching for something that could tie music and Seattle together. I toyed with the word needle (get it? Space Needle? Record player?). Pacific Northwest. "Attack and Decay", which are musical terms. We landed on a pdf put out by the City of Seattle that highlights how music has grown and changed in our great city, and that's where I first saw mention of the Teen Dance Ordinance.

"The Teen Dance Ordinance [was] a 1985 law passed by the City to regulate potentially dangerous mingling of adults and minors at new wave discos."

A little more digging elicited this lovely article in The Stranger from 2002. It prominently features one of my favorite local musicians, Rocky Votolato, being chased around a meeting room full of Vera Project kids by then Seattle City Councillor Margaret "Taliban" Pageler, during a panel-discussion meeting she organized regarding the TDO. Ms. Pageler earned the nickname from her zealous support of the TDO, in opposition of (nearly everyone, in addition to) a Mayor-endorsed repeal.

More info found here
Then, we stumbled upon this image of a poster that was printed up in opposition to Ms. "Taliban" Pageler, and tacked up all over Capitol Hill...

Ha! A blog name is born!

We also realize and intend the name "No Goddamn Dancing!" to be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the reputation that Seattlites have for refusing to dance at shows. However, just to be clear, we DO encourage you to dance...whenever possible.

This is us: Tyler and Nikki. If you see us at a show come say hi!

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