Wednesday, January 30, 2013

This Month in Photos - 2013/01

Bushwick Book Club performance inspired by Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States
2013/01/18 at The Fremont Abbey

A good night of music, literature, and well-rounded entertainment. Lots of funny parts. The Abbey never fails to pull off really cool, offbeat events like this.

Tempted to purchase furs at this thrift shop after learning that Macklemore x Ryan Lewis have the #1 song in the nation. Poppin' tags.
The day after East Street had it's epic goodbye party for the Queen Anne shop, we consoled ourselves at the ever-lively East Street - West Seattle store. Viva la Easy Street!

Water Felon's performance during Joshua Jensen's Release Party for his debut album, "Unravel the Wire"
2013/01/26 at Cafe Racer

We couldn't stick around very long for Josh and Water Felon, but we really really wish we could have! Check out Josh's work at

2013/01/26 at Black Lodge

One of many great acts of this night. Stickers seems like that crazy friend you don't get rid of because they make your life exciting.Check out their work at

 The Trashies
2013/01/26 at Black Lodge

Cut-off shorts. A wig. Scotch tape made into an accessory, or fashion statement, or fetish...hard to say. Empty cans bouncing off of the band member's heads. And a riotous good time of berzerk dancing. Proving you don't need to have all the keyboard keys to have a good time. Check out their work on Facebook and here:

This photo does not convey the happiness this guy was experiencing with The Trashies. Also introduced the crowd to a killer dance move: the no-no finger wag.

 The Wimps
2013/01/26 at Black Lodge

The Wimps brought the energy for sure (this was the release party for their new album, "Repeat", after all). If you weren't dancing with The Trashies, you were definitely moving to The Wimps. Also, Rachel Ratner did mention potentially taking a poop on stage, *hee hee*.

Check them out on Facebook or here:

Checking out the Bloom Market on 1/27 inside the Heartland Gallery...

...keep an eye out for events at Heartland Gallery!

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