Friday, August 16, 2013

SWL #34, Casewag, "Missing You"

It’s sad, but some people are still genuinely surprised to learn that Seattle produces great electronic music. The fact remains that every night after the shrines to Kurt and Jimi close at the Experience Music Project, venues all over the city open their doors to droves of artists from awesome local labels like Hush Hush, Debacle, Translinguistic Other, Eiderdown, and my newest find, Pretty Young Thing Records (PYT). The microlabel, which began as a collaboration between Seattles’ Futurewife and LA’s Le Youth, serves as the home for budding Seattle house/nu-disco producer Casewag (aka. Casey Wagner). Four months after dropping his first EP, a couple of funkhouse Prince remixes appropriately titled “Homage”, Casewag returned late last month with “Missing You”, a highly infectious dance track built around a super-soulful sample from Angie Stones’ 2002 hit “Wish I Didn’t Miss You”. It might just be the only real cure for those 2:30 workday blues. You can get the original track and two remixes from label-mates Futurewife and Fukuyama as a free WAV download on the PYT Soundcloud, and you can check out Casewag on August 28 at Vermillion alongside Anthony Robinson and Evan Diehl at Vermilllion’s new electro night called “The Deep End”. For still more goodness check out Evan's podcast mix on Freq Note to promote June's edition of the monthly night.

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