Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bummershoot or Bumbershoot? A tale of two festivals

Everyone is familiar with Seattle's signature music and arts festival, Bumbershoot. This year, the city's DIY community is pulling together to put on their own concurrent festival, tongue-in-cheek titled "Bummershoot". The lineup is impressive - if you're new to the Seattle music community, this is an excellent place to get schooled. Not only are the bands great, but you get a preview of all these great venues! Hollow Earth Radio, Heartland, Black Lodge, and The Josephine.

Friday, August 30TH
Try The Pie (8pm)
Briana Marela (8:30)
Pleasure Beauties (9:00)
Viviane James/White Boy Scream performance piece (9:30)
The Webs (10:00)

Saturday, August 31ST
ACOUSTIC SHOW @ THE MEDIAN ON RAVENNA(Next to Trading Musician)--12 PM
Pitschouse (12pm)
Younger Shoulder (12:30)
Neighbors (1pm)
Waxing Hearts (1:30)

Children Of Kids (2pm)
Shenandoah Davis (2:30)
Tummy (3pm)
Punishment (3:30)
Blooper (4pm)
Hibou (4:30)
RC Love and The Goodness Gracious (5pm)
Heavy Petting (5:30)
PLUS: Gold Van Records will be there to sell you records, and a Boating With Clyde episode screening

Mega Bog (9pm)
Thee Semidi (9:30)
Mines (10pm)
Dharma (10:30)
Dude York (11pm)
So Pitted (11:30)

Sunday, September 1ST
Whitney Ballen
Slashed Tires

Shonny & The Bad Boy (7pm)
Craig Salt Peters (7:45)
Erin Tanner Performance (8:30)
Tweens (9:15)
Swamp Meat (10pm)
Chung Antique (10:45)
Iji (11:30)
Koda Sequoia (12:15)

And then there's Bumbershoot. I have so much love for that festival. Yes, it gets crazy busy. But for good reason! There is something for everyone, and every year I have gone I've discovered a new band that I absolutely loved. However, this year, you'll find us at Bummershoot half the time and the rest of the weekend we'll be out in nature on the peninsula. There are a lot of great Bumbershoot features this year, but I personally wasn't thrilled with any of the acts. Death Cab playing Transatlanticism might have drawn me in alone, but we were just lucky enough to see Ben Gibbard and the rest of Postal Service, so I'm good. However, if you are headed there yourself, here are my recommendations:

2:45 - Diamond Rings
3:30 - Thao & The Get Down Stay Down
4:30 - Beat Connection
8:00 - Gary Numan
9:00 - Washed Out
10:00 - Crystal Castles

11:45 - Kithkin
1:00 - The Mowgli's
1:45 - The Round (or Ramona Falls at the same time, or Tegan and Sara at 2:00)
3:30 - Midday Veil
4:30 - Katie Kate
5:00 - The Commettes
6:15 - Bob Mould
8:00 - The Breeders
9:45 - Death Cab plays Transatlanticism

11:45 - Hot Bodies In Motion
12:15 - Bellamaine
1:45 - The Men (or alt-J at 2:00)
3:30 - MGMT
7:00 - Superchunk
8:00 - Allen Stone
10:00 - The Joy Formidable

Plenty of other great stuff to fill in the gaps. I highly recommend catching a SIFF movie or two (the shorts are always really great). Plenty of comedy and interesting discussion/seminars, too. So long as it doesn't rain too hard, you can have a great time at Bumbershoot! Heck, even just laying out on the lawn, gazing up at the Space Needle, eating delicious food truck food...yeah. Find time to do that, too.

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