Thursday, October 3, 2013

This Month In Releases: September 2013

Another month and another set of killer local releases. As always, the rules are as follows: all records were released during the month of September by either a local artist or a local record company. They appear in no particular order and singles and 7" were not included. If I didn't include your release I either didn't like it, didn't hear it, or one or both of us has the wrong release date. Also, no descriptions again this month, just BC tags. Stay well! 

Monogamy Party, “False Dancers” (Good to Die)
noise-punk, noise-rock, post-punk

Lindseys, “Religious Sexts” (Off the Books)
garage, punk, hardcore punk, pop punk

Weed, “Deserve” (Couple Skate)
rock, grunge pop

White Boy Scream, “Urge” (Hanged Man)
experimental, choral, drone, industrial musique, concrete noise 

Play “Red Movies” (Medical Records)
electronic, new wave, cosmic disco, disco, minimal synth

Wishbeard, “It’s All Gonna Break” (self-released)
rock, seattle, dream pop, psychedelic, shoegaze

TJ Max, “Wrong to Run” (Debacle Records)
experimental, drone, free improvisation, noise soundtrack, synth
The Telescopes, "Harm" (Neon Sigh)
dreampop, fuzzpop, neon pop, noise drone

Cock & Swan, “Secret Angles” (Hush Hush Records)  
electronic, ambient chill, dream pop, late night, trip hop  
The Smoke Clears, "Listen" (Further Records)
electronic, ambient, downtempo house 
Lake, "The World Is Real" (K Records)
home recording, pop lo-fi

Compilations, Mixes, Other:
iji, “Cool Dream/InCelebration + Bonus Tracks” (Lost Sound)
indie folk indie pop rock iji twee 

Haunted Horses, "Live at Chop Suey" (self-released)
industrial post-apocalyptic satanic-space-jams

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